B.O.S BellaPierre Mineral Blush (Review)




Yes, it’s back… but first tell me how was your week and most importantly how was your weekend, I wanna know.

I have proudly made it to my second B.O.S (Best Of Samples) post, the following week. Before getting into it, I would like to tell you how happy I was upon finally giving the blog a new name, it gave me a new kind of energy for my blog and you all were amazing as always. Now please read on for the review of this (amazing) blush I have used the word amazing too much! 

BELLA PIERRE Mineral Blush (Autumn Glow)


LOVE IT Because :

  • First and fore most, I fell in love with this one after nervously trying on just a bit
  • It just blends into my skin so well after I put it on, thus giving a natural glow to my cheeks
  • I used it all throughout fall including winter days( PERRFECT FOR THOSE DAYS) basically didn’t put it down after seeing how pretty it looked on my cheeks
  • My pores tiny to medium or whatever size they were not screaming over this blush 
  • Most importantly it’s a very subtle, natural blush
  • You can wear more or less, build it up and there are more shades
  • Overall, love love love it! 


  • It’s PRICEY… I don’t know about you but it’s original price is $45 and I was a little just a little shook considering that it’s such wonderful + everyday blush that makes my skin look super smooth and soft. 
  • As with everything I use the slightest amount first, clean off the access, and slightly tap it or dab it? for my kind of a look.
  • Other than this thing is great!

This one if from the Ipsy Glam Bag

Yes, this was a MONDAY post and Yes, this was my second favorite of the samples that I used consistently, also what told me to start reviewing these little goodies (it was a good decision) I’m enjoying it. Hope you are too!


Stay Beautiful

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B.O.S: Sephora Collection LashCraft Length & Volume Mascara (Review)

Happy Monday!

Wake Up With Determination & In Result Go To Bed With Satisfaction

It has been so long that I did review on my blog… why, why, why? I honestly don’t know and to be honest I also thought I didn’t know ‘how to’ review products properly, that’s just what I felt. So now I actually use products (new ones, different ones) so I’m well able to review them. This one if I tell you, I wanted to get on here and review right away (that’s how much I loved it) that didn’t happen obviously but today it’s happening so read on to find out why I loved it.

SEPHORA COLLECTION LashCraft Length & Volume Mascara REVIEW



  • It instantly made my lashes look longer (and I tell you I don’t wear too much)
  • It had no fallout (which is my biggest problem) there was the slightest bit when I wore it last time, you probably can’t even tell from distance 
  • The wand is great, gives me much desired control 
  • No clumping, in fact it separates every lash and makes them stand out  
  • Lengthens lashes 
  • It’s great overall, I love it and it’s been easy to use for me


  • I do always clean the wand against the container before applying to my lashes, which prevents clumping.


That was nice and short (finally, I didn’t blab too much 🙂 I plan on following this layout for all my B.O.S posts, let me know if you like it. Of course, these reviews are ‘my’ honest opinions and experiences with these products, it may work differently for you so do always feel free to share yours under every review in the comments below.

Thank You & Have A Lovely Day or Night my lovelies xo

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Stay Beautiful

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The Best Of Samples!

Hey there, how was your day? Hope you had a good one or if you just woke up, then in that case; Good Morning, have a beautiful day.


Today’s blog post is not really about a product or a topic but rather an introduction to my new series.

Introduction to what you may wonder, well there’s no wondering here because this is a series that will bring you ‘the best of samples’ and to insure the best is the best indeed, there would be a corresponding one ‘the worst of samples’ (when possible) 

images.jpegOkay, so basically the deal is I’ve been thinking about sharing some really good products that were actually samples but they are worth sharing,raving,and obsessing over. So I finally decided I would introduce to you guys a brand new series in which I will discuss, review and share some of the samples I’ve been loving or in that case even hating. But let me warn you, you may or may not find as many regular posts for ‘the worst of samples’ why? Well, only because if I don’t like something the first few times I try it or doesn’t show a negative or positive effect, I just leave it right then and there so there’s not much for me to say and I wouldn’t want to waste your time either.

Stay Tuned For Reviews Coming Soon.Soon.

I’m really looking forward to this at the same time hoping you will too 🙂  it’s perfect especially for those monthly subscriptions too, we see the unboxing so why not see how the products hold up to their promises and descriptions. What you say? Leave a comment if you’ve doing something like this all along and I’m just late hehe in that case I have some catching up to do. (well, I mean I have to do that in general)


Stay Beautiful

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Sephora Play Box: January 2017

H-E-L-L-O my beautiful people, how are you? Hope you had an amazing day or starting an amazing day. I’m so excited to be back with another blog post for you all today and I’m sure this one is about to make you excited as well because it’s the UNBOXING of our most adored Sephora Play Box subscription. I’ve seen a lot of your unboxing already and likely mine was a little behind but I rushed to put it up as soon as I got the box so give it a scroll, maybe a like and share it with others who might enjoy it.

Let’s Get Right Into It!


Now that is the theme of this year’s first box and I have to say the creativity of these monthly themes always gets to me I live for these things plus I think as if this box was designed just for me I’m serious it coordinates so well with my major fitness goals and vibes. I mean just take a look at the bag and you’ll see what I mean… 

So What Do We Have In Our Cute Bag This Month… 
Some pretty cool things I would say!

Oh! did I even tell you that I did not take a peek at the box for the first time until it actually arrived at my doorsteps maybe that’s why it was so much fun, I should do that more often.

A Tarte FRXXXTION Stick 

It’s a gel cleanser but in a twist -up stick format and goes from a gel form to a cleansing lather to gently wash away all impurities from your skin. It’s also something I really wanted to try so ‘thank you’ to Sephora for throwing it in this month’s box, I’ll definitely let you guys know how I like this.

Oh, and do you know why, do you know why they threw it in this months box well it’s compact stick that turns to cleanser which is perfect for the gym and also like traveling and stuff duh that makes sense 🙂

A Youth To The People Kale + Spinach + Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Cream 

It’s a whipped lightweight cream that helps rejuvenate your skin and delivers antioxidants with potent plant extracts. You read that right, it’s a moisturizer with that has kale, spinach and also green tea, a whole lot of goodness in a small container, it actually felt nice on my skin, I applied like once, just a little but it was good, it sounds good. 

It’s for today’s health conscious beauty lovers uh…sounds like me again this is a 100% vegan skincare line and just like this one here all of the company’s products are created in small amounts in their California lab. Interesting!

A OUAI Treatment Masque

It’s a mask to restore and help care for your damaged hair, will leave your hair strands feeling smooth and soft to the touch. 

It’s created by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, makes effortless, cool-girl hair a snap, a healthy looking shine and also strengths hair against future damage.

Here’s a PRO Tip from Jen… at the gym or a spa ? use the mask right before you get active, work it into your hair and shampoo later because the heat will help the formula soak in more.

And depending on how dry your hair is you might just use the whole bottle in one treatment.

A Clinique Almost Lipstick In Black Honey

Oh, I see, see now I get it… It’s a SHEER lip color with a glossy finish in a bestselling, cult-classic shade; Black Honey. 

It’s cool because it ‘goes with anything’ just a swipe, no mirrors necessary works for me again makes your lips look fresh and healthy perfect, perfect, this box is just killing it 

Cool Fact: Black Honey was created in 1971 as a color that would suit any skin tone and someone in the U.S. buys a Black Honey lipstick every three minutes. Wow! I knew there was something special about this thing when I saw it hehe 🙂

A AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ 

I like that SPF 50+’ thing I see here. It’s a cushion compact CC cream to hydrate and protect your skin at the same time much needed it gives you a build-able coverage that’s weightless in two bendable shades.

It’s one of Seoul’s most popular luxury beauty brand, innovative, skin-soothing complexion formulas are the thing for keeping your skin moisturized and looking it’s best. I’m ‘excited’ to try this 🙂

This is how you should use this baby… take the blue side of the sponge that comes with this and dip it into either of the cushions. Gently dab/tap all across your face and blend with the sponge. And if you have darker under eyes with a darker skin tone you can use the 104 TAN shade to brighten that up OR if you have a lighter skin tone, you use the 106 ALMOND shade to slightly contour your cheekbones. LOVELY!!!

OMG you guys this thing is AMAZING, I fell in love with it at the very first dab 🙂 🙂 You have to try it out! Super nice to my skin!

A Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Perfume 

Feminine and tender featuring notes of pink pepper, orris, and patchouli.

How sweet… this perfume is inspired by Tory Burch’s favorite romantic couple; her parents. And… wait till you hear this, the perfumes name is ‘actually’ from a love note her father wrote to her mother.

The Blend: Floral family with top pink pepper note, middle orris root and base patchouli

Bestope Affordable Brush Set Review & Photos

Amazon Brushes Review

W-E-L-C-O-M-E  back my lovelies today I have another interesting post for you but before I get into this one, I just want to say ‘thank you’ for the amazing love and support on my last post, I think this post has been such a success, it has definitely convinced me to stay confident in what I’m doing and keep on going, so thank you guys 🙂 and if you haven’t seen it yet you can Check it out here. On to today’s post which is just as good; it’s all about makeup brushes 🙂 yay now you’re probably wondering why I’m so excited about these brushes and I also know most of you probably own top of the line brush sets but why do all “good things have to be so expensive” I mean what ‘if’ you don’t have that much to spend , I just like to save me some money if I can If you’re also looking for some good brushes or just want to start out with less inexpensive ones you’ve found your match I highly recommend that you try these I’m sure you’ll love these. 

Chances are you’ve most likely seen these brushes before cause they are very popular on Amazon and there are countless reviews on these as well, so why did I choose to write one… there’s only one reason for my reviews; I use it, I love it, so I share it.

These sat in my shopping cart for a long time until I finally checked them out along with other stuff you know that whole $49 or above free shipping thing… don’t tell me I’m the only one who avoids shipping fee’s and buys a whole bunch instead hehe I placed the order Friday night and received these first thing Sunday morning prime membership 🙂 which was perfect since I had to get ready for the evening anyways perfect timings 🙂 

These are Makeup Brushes BESTOPE Premium Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Foundation Eyeliner Blush Contour Brushes for Powder Cream Concealer Brush Kit(8PCs, Rose Gold) from Bestope®, the set includes eight brushes and a black bag for only $8.99 (reduced price), the packaging is straight forward; nothing special, though all brushes are individually packed in clear plastic and the black bag is also placed inside with the brushes in the clear plastic wrap.

Affordable Makeup Brush Set



Amazon Description : BESTOPE Premium Makeup Brush Set

  •  Flat Blending Face Brush is ideal for precise application of liquid or cream products.
  • Angled Blending Face Brush is perfect for foundation, bronzer and blush.
  • Round Blending Face Brush flawlessly applies powder, foundation, eyeshadow, and primer in high definition.
  • Tapered Contouring Face Brush is for precise application around the face such as the eyes and nose.

About the Product

BESTOPE has been committed to creating cosmetics that make women look their best–Our makeup brush set will show your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish

  • The Premium Synthetic Hair on our brushes is silky soft! Our brushes do not shed hair or hurt your skin
  • Our professional makeup brushes flawlessly applies all kinds of makeup, including creams, liquids, minerals and powders
  • Consider using makeup remover wipes or a daily brush cleaner to maintain it’s perfect quality for doing daily makeup
  • Our brushes are made of high-quality performance alloy, wood material, and a soft synthetic, offering a sense of luxury. Four different types brushes(Angled, Round, Flat,Tapered) provide easy and professional solutions for basic cosmetics foundation. The BESTOPE Premium Makeup Brush Set includes a 12-month worry-free warranty!


How They Hold Up To Their Description

  • Yes, these brushes help you achieve a flawless look that looks natural
  • Yes, the brushes are silky soft 🙂 did not irritate my skin at all so thumbs up 🙂
  • Yes, you should always clean your brushes to keep the brushes and your skin looking it’s best stay tuned for a easy DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner
  • oh Yes, these brushes do NOT look like something you would expect for $9,they look way better just like the expensive ones 🙂 
  • Yes, overall these not only look like expensive brushes but also performed like they are and for the price nothing can beat these
  • ONLY, there is no guide with these brushes but there is one online Brush Guide


Image: Amazon.com

These brushes are ‘soo soft’ and have the slightest smell but I washed them anyways with lukewarm water and some dishwashing soap. I gave them a try and loved the results I got, I used the flat brush to apply my foundation and it blended away like a dream (moment of happiness) hehe I also used two of the smaller brushes for eyeshadows, flat one to blend the shadow on my lid and the other to add color to my crease, I got the smoothest most quickest makeup application with these brushes. You guys… there was NOT a single shedded hair 5 stars 🙂



Those were my thoughts and experience a wonderful one indeed with the Bestope Brushes, I’ll be a 110% honest with you all… I’m in love with these because they cost me less than $10.00 and the results they provided are worth so much 🙂 Highly recommend these. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on today’s post so comment, like, share and if you already own these I would like to know how you like them, I’ll see you beauties in my next one 🙂


Until Next Time,

Stay Confidently Beautiful

Lots of Love 

Disclaimer: Definitely NOT a sponsored post

Disclaimer: “I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.”

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The Carli Bybel Palette Review + Swatches

Carli Bybel Palette


Welcome to the ‘Review Edition’ here at GlitsAndGlamz, As you know this is only the beginning of my blogging journey with this being the fifth post and there’s eventually much more to come and I would love to share it all with you so keep following. And with that said let’s get right on to this very first and exciting review, you can expect to find real, genuine, and HONEST reviews here ALWAYS. This is none other than Carli Bybel’s Palette With BH COSMETICSCarli Bybel is one amazing person, not to mention, a youtube superstar and a true inspiration. I choose this specific palette to be reviewed before anything else AND there are two great reasons why you should also grab one right now.→ QUALITY + PRICE 

14 color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette… the perfect combo!

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