Hitting 300 Followers

Hey guys g-u-e-s-s what... this blog that I started one day to simply put out my thoughts and share my growing passion for beauty and things now has 300 followers meaning 300 other actual people of which most are total beauty gurus themselves that right there excites me 🙂 and I think that's a good…

Slowly, Slowly Make It Happen — The Millionaire’s Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: M. Davis Founder & Owner of: Clear Dope Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer You probably have no idea how much you can achieve after 1 year from now improving just a little bit every day. The changes are huge. We just have to keep going every single day.…

My Nutella Obsession | Fruitella’s 

The Stylish Dreamer

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the very last blog post on ‘My Nutella Obsession’ Today is going to be all about ‘Fruitellas’ and in case you are wondering, Fruitellas are something I invented. I put together Fruits and Nutella and got Fruitella!

I wanted this to be a little bit more healthy than my usual Nutella posts,but I still wanted it it to be super yummy so I used a couple of my favorite fruits which are strawberries, apples and bananas. You can use your favorite fruits for any of these recipes too! Feel free to go crazy with the combos 😉

The first Fruitella idea is Fruitella kebabs

This is a super simple but still really yummy 😋 Here is how to do it

You will need

  • Kebab sticks
  • Three different fruits of your choice ( I used bananas,apples and strawberries)
  • Nutella


  • First you are going to have to…

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Second Play Box and Keeps Getting Better!

Hey there lovelies, if you haven't seen the post before this, It's Right Here feel free to check it out and if you don't no worries, you're not missing out. As you know this is the unboxing of my Sephora PlayBox for the month of November, the box came super early, exactly on the 19th,…