About Me


Hello There… 

Why and how did I get here well… read on to find out!

Over time I’ve been inspired by many beauty bloggers, youtuber’s, the list is long but I’ve seen many unique styles full of passion, of course it was only a matter of time that I too became allured. NOW, the first and last thing is; that ‘Beauty’ by any means is not defined by makeup, but can makeup be addicting, YES! and we all know this well and I wanna tell you there’s nothing wrong with that, surely those cute palettes, highlighters, lippies in those “to die for” packages do bring out the inner child in all of us at one point or another, am I RIGHT? You know that moment when you get your order in the mail, I always get ‘too’ excited, here to share that excitement. However, this is only fun ‘IF’ you are truly satisfied with who you are in the first place. As cliche this may be, “Beauty starts deep inside” You have to feel beautiful to look beautiful; Think Beautiful, Do Beautiful  And You Will Be Beautiful. Never hide behind makeup to feel confident. YES, you do have to take good care of your natural beauty and treat your beauty – second reason this blog came to existence. I have started this blog with something beautiful in my mind, to connect with other beauties, to inspire and to be inspired ( you can always learn a little more each day) to share my own little tips/tricks that I’ve picked up over time so others can benefit from them as well and also to share new things and experiences as they come along so join me on this start to something beautiful. Oh, and you might be wondering now what kind of content you can expect to see here, so let me break it down for you… this is originally a beauty and lifestyle blog so I’ll be doing reviews for beauty products and anything else I find worth sharing, which leads to unboxing those good things, occasional trends, and of course, tips&tricks I’ve seen or picked up in the past with a hint of lifestyle posts.Hope to see you on my blog 🙂 

♥ ♥Lots of Love ♥♥                         

Remember: Beauty starts from within, it starts with confidence, You’re beautiful with or without makeup but go ahead and swipe that shimmer on anyways cause why not. 

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9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a wonderful message. It’s true, beauty does start from within but there’s nothing wrong with playing around with a little makeup 😉 Looking forward to your future posts!

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