How To Get Back To Blogging Again

Took a long break from blogging, don’t know where to pick up again? Feeling overwhelmed and confused can actually deter you away even more. I’m here to tell you that its ‘okay’ and completely normal to feel awkward or stuck at this point, just imagine being on a line, then getting off the line, you will feel slightly intimated getting back on the line, but only at first. Losing your spot (in anything) is uncomfortable so the first step is to recognize this discomfort so we can move forward. With that lets move on and back to blogging again, read on for some real advice.

“Being away from my blog has showed me that it can be slightly difficult to start again.”


First thing is first, even though you may be fully ready to start again, you will not ‘feel’ ready if you keep waiting for a perfect moment and since it has been eliminated from your routine for a while its going to take some special effort on your part. Just as you need to physically push yourself to put on your running shoes and walk out the door after some period of inactivity. This is a tough example and I know it will hit hard for many people but that’s where its at right now.

Make a move

In the previous example we needed our running shoes and active wear to restart our workout routine. Here, we need to put on our creative glasses and get the creative juices flowing in our brain. There is a slight difference, more mind work here so don’t worry if you’re unable to publish a compelling post right away. You simply need to pick up your laptop or whatever device you use (I do prefer you sit down on your computer at a table) and open up your blog. Look at it, explore it like you would explore a brand new website. Check out your theme, do you like the way it looks, functions and represents you? Read some of your recent work and look through your previous accomplishments (stats page). WordPress has introduced many new and exiting features recently, familiarize yourself with everything, play around and see how it could benefit your blog. 

Explore and reconnect

Once you’re done looking through your own blog, its time to go explore other blogs and more importantly its the time to introduce yourself again. Begin by catching up with your favorite bloggers (blogs you’ve had the most interaction with in the past) see what they have been up to and let them know where you have been by commenting or messaging privately on social media. Chances are most of these people will also remember you so get the conversation going and get back in your spot. From here you can take charge in blogging beautifully once again, remember always stick to the basics.

Looking to starting a new blog check out the post below:

6 thoughts on “How To Get Back To Blogging Again

  1. What a great post!!!! something that I really needed for myself!!!!! I felt I was becoming stagnant and stuck and not doing what I used to do when I was blogging back in Merredin and Scarborough, I was on a roll and then I did a few more in Landsdale, but got busy with school and then with everything happening it was different times……. thank so much for writing a piece like this, I think it is needed. I felt it was really needed for me, the title HOOKED me!!!!!! 🙂 xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your feedback back, I really appreciate hearing back from other people on my posts. It makes me happy that my post was genuinely relatable, I shared it from my personal experience as well. To be completely honest I’m still struggling with it but I do wish you the best 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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