Why Have I Been Feeling So Down?

How do you define feeling down? do you physically lack a smile on your face, or maybe your mind is empty and the body feels heavy. Using the phrase “feeling down” is a quick way out, rather than describing the actual problem. Sometimes we don’t even know why we’re feeling down and finding the answer is not always simple unless you dig really deep and observe closely.

You may have been wondering or maybe you haven’t noticed at all nonetheless, I wanted to share where I have been and what’s been happening behind these very infrequent blog posts you may have seen here and there. Overall, its been nearly four years, however, I’ve only felt about two year’s blogging (pretty much less than half of the time). There were even times I would come back highlighting my plans to come back and do even more but with time it only decreased, to the point that I even stopped logging on.

So… why did I neglect something I had started with so much love? With a first look, there were many reasons but with a final look it comes down to one reason; me not feeling the way I use to about four years ago. The point here is that we won’t always know why we’re not feeling good and unable to do the things we once wanted so badly. When this feeling lingers for long it eventually enforces questions, demanding answers and solutions. This is actually where we can take charge again. I may have had little success with my plans these days but I can confidently say that I have been greatly successful in learning about myself and my behaviors, I’ve been able to identify and find solutions while aiming to implement those solutions. I have discovered that I struggle with the latter the most but I am constantly pushing myself.

I would like to incorporate this important part of our lives in my blog from now on because along with the outside we really need to be taking care of what’s going on within. Previously, I have mostly avoided this area of discussion because I did not want to dwell on it, however, now that I have a new perspective on it I’m more willing to share it others.

No doubt, this is a difficult topic to write about, sometimes you don’t know where to begin and how to explain the main point but I will try my best to be creative with it. As always your feedback is welcome and highly encouraged, thank you.

Take care of yourself FIRST

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