Graduating in 2020? (Update)

Hello & Welcome Back!

Among all the chaos of a new pandemic that took over the entire world as we watched and counted we all forgot the usual things in life, it was like waving good-bye to all plans at once. Most would agree that college is a major major part of our lives and its completion is an even greater accomplishment. A reason to celebrate. For that reason alone students and families alike look forward to the commencement day.

I’m Done With College (Yay!!!)

Having said that, I wanted to share some good news; I have graduated from college very recently and the official commencement day would have been at the end of May this year. Due to the current situation, I thought why not share this news and talk a little about graduating in these times.

To be very honest I was not thinking much about how an important event like my college graduation would be affected by a virus because there were greater things to worry about. I had been experiencing so much stress and anxiety towards the end of college anyways. I put in the energy to finish strong and I was more than satisfied to have completed this one milestone despite such obstacles and push-backs. It just proved to me that if you truly want something, nothing can stop you. To say that my own journey from attending college to graduating is an inspiration would not be wrong.

BUMMER: NO Graduation Celebration

However, with everything this year has come to, it’s sad, the whole world is sad. I know how seniors must be feeling right now about canceled commencements and events. To them I just wanna say, CONGRATS you made it and nothing can take that away from you. Personally, me and my brother (the first generation to attend college) would have celebrated our success together this year and knowing that I’ll miss him walking across the stage while we proudly stare and clap for him made me really sad (especially when it’s the end to graduations). On the other, there my friends who were impatiently waiting for this day. Staying positive is the only choice we have.

Despite the spark of feelings I have reminded myself that I need to be thankful instead. God has allowed us to complete our degrees successfully, nonetheless. It’s only a matter of shifting focus and with that I came up with a second plan. Stayed tuned for the next post to find out.

This was a much needed post right, expressing the feelings of many students. Stay strong everyone, we will get through these times.

2 thoughts on “Graduating in 2020? (Update)

  1. Congrats on graduating! I know it totally sucks that you dont get to celebrate it in a big way due to the current circumstances. My sister is also graduating this year from HS and I feel bad that her ceremony and prom practically had to get canceled 😖
    Congrats again and I wish you the best!

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