Workout With Me At Home (Fitness App)

Hello & Welcome Back!

Since everyone is home and only home with no where to go, not even the gym because the corona-virus has shut down everything, strange times. Nonetheless, we must carry on and fight back. One way to fight back is to keep your self strong and healthy so please do not put your workouts on hold. Let’s all workout at home, here’s a little app I’ve been using for encouragement.

Workout at Home

There are so many options when it comes to working out from home; youtube videos from fitness gurus, apps and programs from gyms. For me personally, I have been using this one app which had actually been sitting in my phone for quite some time. Guess what its time has finally come, I use it regularly now because I need something to automatically track my progress while I move, its a little push, reminder and some motivation to get up and move.

Meet The Female Fitness App

  • This app is simple, easy to use and pretty basic, its also free (with some ads at the beginning and end).
  • Tracks your workouts, calories burned and reminds you to workout at your designated time.
  • Overall most of these apps have the same setup and flow where you input some of your information like weight, height and fitness goals. Then you put together your workouts (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) for targeted body parts.
  • I have been using this app without any issues and its great motivation for me, I’m currently on the (weight loss challenge). You can set your routines to best suit your style and there’s no equipment required here. Check it out below.

Let me know if you end up checking it out, I highly recommend it if you’re looking for some inspiration towards working out (not sponsored). Take care and stay healthy!

Thank you for checking out the post!

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