The Everyday Lipstick

Hello & Welcome Back!

We’re getting back to routine posts here on simplereen slowly, I hope you all are doing well and may God keep everyone safe, my prayers are with everyone.

Today’s post is a fun Everyday Lip which is basically me showing you what I wear almost everyday on my lips, pretty basic.

The Almost Nude Lip

Here’s my most worn lip combo, a go-to look using around only three or so products

  • Vaseline for moisturizer which ensures that my lips stay hydrated and not appear cracky under the lipstick
  • Red Tint I like to add some red color very lightly to my lips for a pop which helps with some pigmentation that tends to peek through.
  • NYX Lingerie Lipstick in the shade 04, this liquid lipstick is really long-lasting in my experience, however I end up adding another lipstick on top of it which reduces it’s long-lasting effect on the lips but I don’t mind it.
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Mattes Lipstick in the shade Naked Coral, then I just go over with this matte lipstick from Maybelline, slightly dabbing it on.
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