How To Get Beautiful Photos For Your Blog

Hello & Welcome Back!

I was taking some photos for the blog yesterday and it hit me that I should share my take on capturing the right shots for blog posts. So here’s my first post on taking blog photos (of products) I’ll be sharing a few tips for taking nice product photos to compliment your post. If this sounds fun then read on for some quick & easy tips + tricks I personally use for taking my photos. This post is geared more towards product photos and or flat lays.

The Perfect Flat-Lay/Photo

Photo: Noreen (simplereen)

For a simple yet attractive photo of a product I have been using the following method most often, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A plain-white surface I use my Malm dresser which has a glossy top as my working space when taking photos. (Because I prefer a white background for my theme and it’s also very convenient).
  • Natural light I prefer to take most of my photos in bright sunlight and I utilize my two windows (this makes things a lot easier and less time spent on editing and struggling with lights).
  • A magazine or two I keep my favorite catalogs on hand which are appropriate for my theme (beauty and clothing) for background and some dimension, also I feel they help give a more ‘professional’ touch to photos going on a blog.
  • A artificial bouquet or flowers I like to keep my theme colors flowing throughout so I have these artificial flowers (pink & white) that I got off of Wish placed in a vase. This is a perfect way of beautifying any photo so chose colors to compliment your style.
  • Other products sometimes you can use other products to compliment each other and make the picture a bit more interesting and accessories if you please.

That concludes my tips for today, just work with your angles and you’re on your way to having photos up in no time. Let me know, if you liked any of my tips and please give it a ‘like’ if you think it’s helpful so I can share more stuff like this.

Here’s a little collection of mine from past posts, enjoy!!!

Thank you for reading!

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