Struggling With a Dry Scalp ? Try This

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Dry scalp/dandruff is a common on-going issue, it goes away but comes back just as quick. The right nutrition and a good hair routine can significantly control dandruff, itchiness and other uncomfortable symptoms. However, sometimes it’s hard to manage this common issue. So I thought I’d share a little something that has helped me out.

Sensitive Scalp

In the past two years among other things my scalp also became highly sensitive. I was confused and irritated so I sought some new products and one of those products was this shampoo from The Body Shop which was a huge help and I believe it has actually helped my scalp return to its normal condition. Because prior to that my scalp was always dry and flaky after washing my hair.

Best Seller Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo


Currently $11.20

The first bottle of this ginger shampoo made a huge difference in how my scalp felt and also how my hair looked overall. Prior to this shampoo my scalp would either be too dry or hair felt greasy even after washing it. It was a tricky but due to the obvious dryness I looked into something more natural and found this ginger shampoo on the body shop which looked promising. I was truly satisfied with my purchase, in fact, I think I have found a great product for a sensitive scalp especially if its dryness. Additionally, a lot of the hair products we use daily our actually quite damaging. I still use this shampoo but not everyday since my scalp is doing good nowadays, however, if I see that its becoming rough again then I throw in this ginger shampoo to this day and honestly it doesn’t even smell that bad, more like ginger and feels so natural.

If you’re struggling with dandruff flakes, itchy and sensitivity in your scalp I highly recommend trying out this shampoo to replace your current one. There many reviews available on the site itself, feel free to check it out yourselves. It would be amazing if you find this helpful like me.

Thank you for reading!

3 thoughts on “Struggling With a Dry Scalp ? Try This

  1. I had problem with dry scalp this winter. I never had that before, so I freaked out. I managed to get it under control, but it was really bad. I need to try this shampoo, it sounds amazing. Thank you for the recommendation. xx

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