The Positive Side: “You’re Not Stuck”

Hello & Welcome Back!

I hope this post finds you in good health!

I know that by now most of us are anxiously awaiting a green signal, to ‘go’ back to normal routines. Truth is, we’ll have stay-in for now. Recently, I saw a post circulating on Instagram reminding people that they are rather safe at home and not stuck (not sure of the original source so I won’t mention anyone). It’s not important who said it, what’s important is the message behind it. Its meant to encourage positive thinking, the way we view a situation can greatly alter the situation in our minds. If staying inside is making you anxious, restless and out of control right now then perhaps think about staying in as a privilege, it is keeping you ‘safe’.

“You’re not Stuck at Home, You’re Safe at Home”

If you think about it, there is a lot you could be doing right now which would overall lift your spirits up during these times. Staying busy is the best trick for staying happy, the busier you are, the less time you have for overthinking.

On the opposite side, we now have that ‘extra’ time we always wished for so we could sort ourselves out a bit. You know, that big closet you always wanted to organize or that deep-cleaning you dreamed of on busy days, now’s the time to do those things and so much more. Use this random time on hand and create amazing things from it, make family memories, learn new skills, explore that different path you normally won’t come in contact with. The best part is ‘everyone’ is here to lift you up especially on social media. For example, @Dressyourface one of my favorites, a celebrity makeup artist just opened up some of her famous online classes for FREE so everyone can view, learn and enjoy. So while you can, make the most out of today and be hopeful of a better tomorrow.

Let me know how you’re staying positive.

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