Adjusting To New Routines

Hello & Welcome Back!

These times are different entirely different for everyone but we can all learn a thing or two from each other. Our world has flipped with this pandemic and with such panic on planet earth we must keep ourselves grounded somehow. With that in mind, I came up with a post on “Adapting New Routines“. Feel free to share your tips as well and stay safe, stay home.

Build A Routine

Are you feeling stuck, in a rut, puzzled? With your head in the news (official or unofficial), scrolling through the same memes from every page on Insta, which are seriously becoming depressing by the day if you ask me. The truth is no body knows what’s ‘really’ going on, we’re all lost but remember it is also up to us to bring ourselves back and fight through these times. It starts with ‘you’ so build yourself up first (mentally and physically) by adapting a routine.

Make Your Days Flow Nicely

You don’t have to necessarily wake-up early !

Instead sleep-in a bit, wake-up a little later (if possible). Here’s the thing, if you start to twist and turn in your bed feeling tired, its time to get up but please do not pick up your phone and start checking media right away.

Stretch, wash your face, fix your hair etc. and have breakfast with your family.

Everyone’s day is going to look different but introduce the following:

Workouts (fitness tracking apps, youtube videos, walks)

Self-care (skincare, head massages and healthy diet)

Look Good (dress up, shower, do your makeup)

Pray (morning, night, as a family)

Family Time (random talks, games, TV time and other group activities)

Creative Hobby (blogging, painting and creating videos)

Time Outdoors (vitamin D from the sun, planting, cleaning etc)

Stay Connected (call friends and family)

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