Let’s Catch Up (COVID-19, Social Isolation & Social Stress etc.)

Hello & Welcome Back To The Blog!

This is not a planned blog post, Let’s just talk!

How are you doing?

How are ‘you’ doing, how are your loved ones doing? I just pray and hope that everyone is ‘ok’ and safe even if its being stuck at home.

I hope everyone is doing their best to stay safe and calm. As we know simple acts like washing our hands all the time & avoiding contact (social distancing) are said to have a huge impact. Currently, We have no choice but to #stayhome so please stay home and be cautious. Don’t feel helpless we do have control over this virus, we ‘can’ stop its spread by being careful, follow the guidelines from officials and let’s #flatenthecurve. More importantly, let’s stay together and remain calm because stress is not a good thing ‘especially right now’ so take of yourself. Remember by taking care of yourself you’re taking care of others.

These times are confusing and worrisome to say the least but remember we must stay firm in our believe that everything will be ok, eventually. It’s a time to reflect, pray, and spread love.


How I’m Doing?

Thankful to say that I am doing okay. Just staying home (I mean staying home isn’t necessarily a new thing for me hehe) but yes, I have avoided unnecessary trips for a while now, been washing my hands, cleaning and sharing necessary information with others.

On another note, things have been up and down with me personally but right now is not the time to discuss more negatives. I also like to focus more on the positive in everything. I have been praying and connecting with God a lot more whenever I’m feeling very low, I start praying to God and eventually I start to feel okay again, I mean it’s no secret that were now living in very chaotic times maybe that has a lot to do with how we feel sometimes especially if you’re like me who dwells over everything. If I say more we’ll end up with pages and most of it may not make much sense or maybe it would probably because deep-down we’re all feeling a similar way. But I’ll try to keep some stuff for another time and we can start some new random rambles type of thing on the blog.

Let Us Reconnect

I have not been around in the past; there was just too much on my mind, I was feeling unwell and run-down most of the time. However, now I’ve decided that it would be wise of me to reconnect with the blogging community for so many obvious reasons. I believe positive interaction is crucial especially during times like these, where we’re all stuck at home all of a sudden.

So let’s make our community here a little stronger and connect more, drop your thoughts below, or simply wave a ‘hello’.

Other social places may be closed but remember social media is ‘open’ and its powerful.


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