The Perfect Editing App (Edit & Plan Your Insta-Feed)

Hello and welcome back to blog!

Today’s post is not focused on a single beauty product or fashion haul, instead it is more so on the back-end of everything (the social media). In particular this post is geared towards Instagram and we all know ‘how’ important Instagram has become. Everyone we know works hard on keeping their Instagram looking good and honestly, its very pleasing. Now that the mood has been pre-set, let’s cut to the chase.

Today I will be sharing my most used and loved app for pre-planning as well as uploading Instagram posts. If this sounds like something that would help you out, please keep reading.


It’s a app designed to keep your Instagram in good shape, it has plenty of features available on the free account but can always upgrade if you want more.

To list some of its features: it includes several presets, in-app editing, captions and most importantly a hashtag finder. Along with all of that you can rearrange and plan your posts, only limitation here is that it won’t post itself instead you’ll get a reminder and since everything is ready you just click upload and it’ll take you like two seconds to have it up on your actual feed.



I have no problem giving it all 5-stars because I have used it non-stop since discovering it. I would say it has reduced my stress in relation to Instagram, now all I have to do is take good pictures and I’m set (no more using multiple apps) which I love. Additionally, if you ever need a little inspiration PREVIEW’s got your back in that too, there so many free photos on the app from Unsplash (photo provider).

I definitely recommend this app for your INSTA needs, especially if you’re blogging or you just have a thing for perfection.

And there you have it, a quick sneak-peak taking you inside the app, if you would like more posts on this specific app, please let me know, I would love to share more. (I have actually waited so long to share this with you all and I’m so happy its finally out here).


Since we’re on the topic of INSTAGRAM, I don’t think there’s a better time to ask this question, “Let’s be friends, on IG? ” For this post leave your IG handle and lets all follow each other.


11 thoughts on “The Perfect Editing App (Edit & Plan Your Insta-Feed)

    1. Yay, I’m glad it came out as helpful to you as I always share things which I personally love with the hope that others will benefit as well. Have fun using it! And follow me on Instagram @simplereen_ so we can keep up.

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