Victoria Secret Haul (Summer Beauty, New scents)

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Its a short & sweet one today with these sweet beauty finds from Victoria Secret.

During the last semi-annual Victoria Secret sale I was trying to order some new wireless bras because I fell in love with the one from my last purchase, super comfortable. I just couldn’t get my size so I tried to snag a few quickly. Of course, while I was at it I picked out some new beauty products as well and I think I love the new scents. I always tend to grab my body sprays, scrubs, and lotions from there. This time, only a few though because I already have so many, heres what I got and really loved.


The Tease Dreamer (Parfum 1.7 fl. oz.)

I don’t really buy perfumes from here but could not skip on this one here. It’s pretty to look at (the cute bottle grabbed my attention and the notes sounded pretty darn good for the moment). To describe it, its summer in a bottle and it smells like fun summer days.

The PINK Detox Wash (Purifying Body Wash)

It’s a body wash with charcoal so I thought why not detox the whole body and I love the size of this wash. It was only $4.99, I also purchased the scrub from Detox Wash but that my mom grabbed as soon as she laid her on eyes on it and it did not make it to the post.

The Let’s Get Away Fragrance Mist

Right off the back, love this right now. I wasn’t sure if I would truly enjoy the new scents (I like things at first but later I can’t put up the scent often times). Been spraying this one since day one and it’s a perfect summer mist. Its sad though because its no longer available on the site.

That’s about it, this was super short but I kind of enjoyed it and in reality I just wanted to share some new summer scents and okay, secondly I’m trying to shift back into my blogging (I had forgotten just how much fun it use to be and now its kind of lonely here because I fell off the train).

Well, anyways I will see you in my next one!

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