Pakistani Clothing Haul (Traditional Summer Dresses)

These hauls are becoming a thing for my blog now, and I’m not mad about it. Hope you don’t mind them either. This haul is a slight variation because one, its about clothing and second it features traditional Pakistani dresses. Summer is already my favorite but these vibrant colors, soft fabrics and cute designs are the real deal so I am living for these.

Pakistani Designer Summer Collection

Maryum N Maria – 3 Skribu, Freesia Collection



Maryum N Maria – 6 Barroco



Imrozia- 15 Seashore Sway, Serene Collection


$72.08 SOLD OUT

Saltiex Silkoria, Vol 2

Embroidered & printed lawn dress

$38.88 SOLD OUT

I think the details are everything, even the photos are untouched so you can see actual prints and how lively they appear. All of them are stylish yet super comfortable, perfect for hot summer days. For sizing, I order a small according to the size chart. Feel free to check out more on the boutique by clicking on any dress name.

I thought it would be cool to share something new. Hopefully you enjoyed it (I tried my best with the shoot, I haven’t done any clothing hauls.) Thumbs up for more?

About the boutique: This multi-brand boutique is based in the UK, with a location in the Nottingham area as well as an online store with worldwide shipping. They offer Pakistani designer brands with premium stitching which comes standard. So if you’ve been searching for Pakistani dresses you should definitely check out Haniyas Boutique.

Alert: the dresses sell-out fast ( I mean fast)

Thank You For Reading !

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