The Best Setting Powder For Under $10? MAYBELLINE FIT ME LOOSE FINISHING POWDER Review

Hey you all, get set. Because today’s post is all about setting our face after we have spent a decent amount of time on it. The last thing we need is the perfect setting powder and I’ve found myself just the one so here’s my share of the review.


Fit Me® Loose Finishing Powder is a mineral-based formula designed to help control shine and smooth skin’s texture with a hint of color. This mineral powder provides the perfect finishing touch to your makeup base.

Start Fit. Finish strong. Now Fit happens from start to finish! This loose setting powder is available in a collection of shades to fit any skin tone.

Price: $7.99

Get it on Amazon for $5.64

  • This powder comes has a tint, so I use it alone to brighten up my face
  • It looks just as good on top of cream/liquid foundations (Shade FAIR)
  • Gives a smooth and even texture
  • Controls shine all day, stays in place
  • Perfect for under-eyes, I don’t see it settling into any lines either
  • A quick fix-up
  • Not expensive 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5

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13 Replies to “The Best Setting Powder For Under $10? MAYBELLINE FIT ME LOOSE FINISHING POWDER Review”

    1. I know exactly what you mean, because I never get use to a product the first time around and sometimes I never try it again. But this I had high hope before trying it and the first try I loved it, been using it since.


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