What’s In My Shopping Bag @ROMWE ?

Hello loves and welcome back!

Today, I thought I’d share a different kind of post than usual, in today’s post, I will be sharing what’s in my first ROMWE shopping bag. I think these are pretty interesting, just like wishlists people share all the time.

I know ROMWE has been around for a while now along with many similar outlets offering style with savings. I’ve been through the site about two times before thanks to ads (this is why I’m not against ads) but yesterday I started to find some pieces I had been looking for this summer.

I can already say, this site is so much fun to just scroll through and it’s not too expensive either.

So without a further due let’s dive into my cart, shall we?


Via Romwe



Memo Pad 50sheets With Clip Board
$0.99 / Sale
The first and the only item that is not a piece of clothing, they had so many cute things but I had to stop here. How cute and handy is this clipboard with pads.
Contrast Scallop Eyelash Lace Double Layer Dress
$10.49 / Sale
See’s this in suggested items, “omg,  yes add to bag”. Love the detailing on this one and I think I don’t even have this color right now.
Frill Trim Spot Dress With Cami Top

$13.39 / Sale

Tell me, this isn’t cute? I’m still thinking about how much I’ll be able to wear this but like I want it because it is so pretty and simple, plus it comes with a cami.


Ruffle Hem Gingham Dress
$11.59 / Sale
I was just looking for something like this, it’s comfy for this weather but still fashionable as if you’re actually putting effort into your outfit.
Exaggerate Bell Sleeve Gingham Dress
$11.59 / Sale
Another dress, this one for the sleeves mostly.
Contrast Striped Dip Hem Self Tie Cuffed Sweatshirt
$10.59 / Sale
Love the contrast of this sweatshirt and they said it was light-weight so here it is.
Contrast Embroidered Hem Marled Hoodie
$12.79 / Sale
Another one but the bottom part is like cuter.

I have a habit of buying similar things, you’ll notice a pattern often in my shopping.

So yeah, this was my shopping at ROMWE, I had so much fun on their website and it was even more exciting to share it with you all on here.

Comment down below your favorite piece or something you would also wear from here.

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Pictures via ROMWE

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