Quay Australia Sunnies Unboxing Video

Happy Monday,

Hey, my loves happy July, when did summer start again, it’s been so back and forth.

Anyways, let’s skip all the jumble bumble talk about my favorite accessories SUNGLASSES yaas.

After lusting over this one specific pair from Quay Australia for like forever, I finally looked into them and made a purchase. For more details like pricing and first impressions please keep reading.

If you would like to guess on my most wanted pair from Quay, go ahead.

I went for the High Key Quay X Desi Perkins in Black Fade, no doubt, it just screams my name.

HIGH KEY 〉Quay X Desi Perkins

Black Fade


Keep it HIGH KEY. Designed in collaboration with Desi Perkins, this worldwide fan fave has turned the classic aviator on its head. Featuring an oversized metal frame with flat reflective lenses and signature triangle notches, each color of HIGH KEY is a wardrobe essential. Original HIGH KEY is available in seven colors, from mega glam gold to urban black fade.
All HIGH KEY frames include a limited edition #QUAYXDESI clear case and cleaning cloth. Get ’em before they’re gone.
**HIGH KEY is not eligible for site-wide discounts**

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These Insta-famous sunnies are on the pricey side but only at first though, because in comparison with other options these days they sound pricey and if you’re like me you probably resist expensive pairs because let’s be honest who enjoys losing money. Having said that, these I believe were my first expensive ones and I couldn’t resist this time. I usually keep them around $20 or so and when I bought the High Key’s I was lucky to have them at a discount. Now, I know it clearly says they are NOT eligible for discounts but when they have a sale, using the promo code at checkout I was able to enjoy money off my High Key’s and yes that was the only thing I purchased.

Alert: Sale going on right now LIMITED TIME: TAKE 20% OFF SALE* USE CODE: SWEET20

Overall, yes I would say these are worth the investment because they look and feel great. Have you feeling fashionably famous, important, and just hot. You’ll experience a “wow” moment once you have them on. I love them and was waiting to share with you all.

They come in different colors and a smaller size now, which was highly demanded. After much consideration, I went ahead with the originals because I was feeling oversized look.

Here’s a little unboxing for you and a closer look at them, enjoy and if you find the video helpful please give it a thumbs up.

Thank You!

*Descriptions of products discussed on my blog come directly from the brand’s website unless noted otherwise.

* If and once sponsored posts start appearing on my blog, they will be indicated here.

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2 thoughts on “Quay Australia Sunnies Unboxing Video

  1. Quay has some cool options for sunglasses. I’m not much of a sunglasses person, but I was obsessed with the Quay Australia Invader Shades a few years ago because of its cat eye shape. Luckily I ended up finding a great dupe at H&M for a fraction of the price!

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