Not Getting As Many Clicks & Views?

A New Look At Blogging

There will come a time in which you will struggle even with a beautiful passion like Blogging.

The struggle could arrive in any form, ranging from time constraints to a lack of techniques and all other things in between.

Today, I wanted to highlight some of these struggles with insight, of course, everyone deals with issues differently keeping that in mind I’m only sharing my perspective.
Time constriction has been my biggest struggle since starting this blog, huge time gaps are an evidence of this struggle. This blog would have been at different stage had I remained consistent every month. Not only has my blog fallen off the grid, it has completely fallen off the track it once started its journey on and by this I mean, as I started blogging I joined a community of other bloggers who were at the same stage as me and I also mingled with other bloggers who were more established, the main point is community here which demands time and consistency. Although, I’m proud to announce that I’m almost close to hitting 800 followers at the same time I feel like I have missed out on so much over the months I was away from the blog. It will require more time now to get back into the groove of things.
A deeper look, While time is a big turn off for bloggers, I want you to look at this struggle in a positive light because after all, this is nothing but a free and powerful time management lesson for you. You will juggle multiple things, photo shoots, creating content, and editing all with school and work. You will face frustration, anger but in the midst of everything, you will be mastering time management skills every single day.
Lacking techniques, for me personally, I don’t like following instructions because I would rather figure things out myself, my way. Sometimes that’s not the best route to take, but is it fun? it definitely is. I followed the same rule when it came to blogging and this struggle of not knowing everything was a fun one. My followers may know this very well, I added one part at a time to my blog, a very slow progress, I will tell you that. If you are serious about turning your hobby into a paying career you will be better off doing your homework first, do research, read up as much as you can, make a plan, and have guidance. You can take a free training course, there are so many available today, lucky you.
A deeper look, the only benefit in this struggle is the perception of freedom that comes with doing whatever you like whenever you like, it’s a great thing, almost like a stress ball. It may have slow effects but it works when you need it to, there is no pressure to do things at a certain time in a certain way. This enforces individuality, enhances your creativity and along the way, you’ll adapt good researching skills.
Lack of motivation, if my levels of motivation were graphed, let’s just say it would be an unstable one. In the past year, I have been off the fitness map both physically and mentally, the first thing I took away from myself was blogging. When I didn’t feel like blogging, I never did and this is a major roadblock in my opinion. I would like to resolve the lack of motivation because it’s pointless since I have discovered that whenever I do publish a post I feel nothing but happiness.
A deeper look, the only solution to this problem is to not let little things take away from your bigger goals and happiness. This is the hardest advice to follow, I wish something could make this easier. I work on this every day because overthinking and stress have made themselves apart of my routine which has exhausted me. At moments like these, don’t think long-term, don’t think about the views or the clicks, forget about counting and focus on creating content, do a fun post, go out and do a pretty shoot, take your time editing and finally share your masterpiece and let it work its magic.
Final Tip: Observe, trends in your own posts, which ones are quickly grabbing attention and which ones are attracting people long after they’ve been published. Compare those type of posts to ones that aren’t performing as well. Recreate the same style for future posts, use similar tags.

I’ll wrap it up here today, the purpose of this post is to reflect and adjust which is exactly what I have done throughout this post and I advise you to do the same whenever you feel the need to.

For more tips like the one above, give this post a thumbs up!

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5 thoughts on “Not Getting As Many Clicks & Views?

  1. Doing it your way sounds right for you. Maybe starting a tiny habit would help, though. I love tinyhabis dot com, where your new habit must only take thirty seconds. So easy, but you feel good. Just a thought. You will do it your way, and good luck.

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