Hydramatte Liquid Lipsticks By Gerard Cosmetics

Happy Monday!

Let’s start this week off with some bright lip colors, shall we?

In today’s post, I will be sharing my three favorite Hydramatte Liquid Lippi’s By Gerard Cosmetics.


You know I always like to share my very first encounters with these beauty finds when I talk about them here and it’s not surprising at all that I went through the Gerard Cosmetics website after viewing Dressyourface’s story that day, she always talked about this brand and used them often, a very close relationship with them in fact. Now, it’s not like all the other recommendations by Youtubers, and if you’re not familiar with her that may just be the reason, she is NOT on youtube. Long story short, I admire her and have always followed her and ended up purchasing these liquid lipsticks from Gerard after Coloupop’s liquid lipsticks which were also inspired by Dressyourface. You can say, she’s been guiding me on the beautiful journey from Colourpop to Gerard’s.

Hydramatte Liquid Lipsticks By Gerard Cosmetics

Is there anything more blissful than this perfect dusty rose shade? We think not.



A classic mauve rose that captures the iconic feel of New York. Class it up with this chic hue.



A juicy red that takes us away to a peaceful and sunny place. A fabulous option for people who want to rock a more toned down red.



Gerard Cosmetics is made here in the USA and is proud to be a cruelty-free brand that offers high-quality products, there’s a wide selection of shades for their Hydra-matte Lipsticks that you can choose from and the best part they always have great discounts and I purchased these three lipsticks on sale for $10 each, on top of that I was able to use the discount code of DressYourFace for even more money off steal, steal.

Side Note: They recently did a DYF x Gerard Cosmetics collab but it was a limited edition, sadly.
Besides all that, I personally love them and these lipsticks are just perfect, the simple yet classy packing, I love, love because I’m all about good packaging you know.
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