REVIEW: Get Your Glow On, GlowStarter By GlamGlow

Hope you had a fabulous day thus far and if you are ending your day by now, I hope you feel well accomplished and ready to take on another day.

In regards to getting ready for the day, today I wanted to share with you another skincare-makeup good, you guys know how much I enjoy skincare products and when I first tried this GLOWSTARTER MEGA ILLUMINATING MOISTURIZER I was delighted by its sweet yet calming scent. We know it’s not easy to get away with scented moisturizers, many times it doesn’t go well for most people, becomes very irritating. But this one is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, it did not bother me at all, not even for a split second.

Your daily moisturizer and illuminated glow in one supercharged formula. GLOWSTARTER™ Mega Illuminating Moisturizer with vitamins, botanicals, hyaluronic acid, and TEAOXI™ golden root technology instantly floods dull skin with hydration/moisture for healthy-looking radiance.

The ultimate quick fix with super-powered botanicals in a soft cream texture, GLOWSTARTER™ delivers a rush of hyaluronic acid, plus vitamins and green tea for energized and moisturized skin. Added illuminating pearl particles help make you look instantly more radiant (as if that were possible), blurring and reflecting light so that all lighting is good lighting.

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20180606_1819217773942760385274763 2.jpg

This illuminating moisturizer gives me the perfect glow especially now in the summertime, I was afraid it would not look great on my face like it might highlight certain areas that shouldn’t be standing out because my skin has been quite uneven in texture and I have the ongoing acne problem. However, it gave me a subtle glow on my face that was visible even in pictures without too much effort, a dewy fresh face all with a moisturizer, yes, please! Additionally, PACKED with good vitamins and hyaluronic acid to take better care of your skin.

20180606_1822253862930502229747355 2.jpg

Not only is it great to wear alone for some glow, it looks great under foundation, the smell is just a bonus in my opinion. Once, I saw how good it looked on my skin, I was reaching for it almost every day until I ran out of my sample size.

Without edits, I simply applied the illuminating moisturizer and that’s it!

There’s nothing to hate here however, the price point is the only downside, maybe not for some but yes, I’m sure you can find an illuminating moisturizer (identical to this one) at a much more affordable price if you are looking to save money because this is A high-end splurge brand in my opinion.

Thank you for reading my review guys, let me know your thoughts on 20180607_1614135165199075779862632.jpgthis GlamGlow product because I personally love them.

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