My Blog Just Turned 2 + Some Exciting News

Second Blog Anniversary


Hello ladies and gentlemen, how are you all doing this summer and ‘what’ are you all doing this summer. Low key hoping there are others out there like doing the usual even in the summer like me.

As you can already tell, ‘my little blog here became a year older today’ and I’ll say with time it’s become more precious. Scrolling through my created posts I came to realize my own work which in reality seems very small but nothing is small, in fact, it’s the small steps that make up the long run. I have learned a lot over this time period in all facets of life and change is one thing that never stops, everyday things may seem the same but after a whole year, things really aren’t the same.

On the topic of change, I have some news;

Before marking this blog anniversary I have gone ahead and registered my own domain with WordPress changing my blog identity and goals once again to finally lock-in the most suitable and desirable label for my personal blog, which you are viewing right now and is currently undergoing changes here and there.

I wanted to save this announcement for a perfect occasion so here you have it πŸ™‚

Now, I wish to extend a warm THANK YOU to my loyal followers who have supported me throughout.



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