BACK TO SCHOOL : First 5 Outfits (Pinterest Inspired)

Hello You Beautiful People!

Well there you go it’s here, yup! You can close your eyes and pretend it’s not here yet. But I say it’s better to open your eyes and lay them on these first five outfit ideas for back to school week, you all do want to look cute, even if you’re not ready, am I right?

So for that reason I’m bringing you this post dedicated to Back To School series, and without a further due let’s just get right to it.


 1. Quick But Very Put Together, It’s the First Day & You Forgot About The A.M Class It’s Okay

65 Fall Outfits for School to COPY ASAP It’s back to school season and I know you are “oh so excited” to go back to school right??? LOL, probably not…

2. You’re a Fashionista, Hands Down!

Hijab Fashionista Outfit  #330


3. Running Late But You Got This Totally! 

Pinterest: @ ↠savana_rollins↠

4. Bringing In The Fall Vibes And Slaying

Awesome 50+ Best Fall Outfit For Women Accessorize with good jewelry to boost the dress that you select. Empire waist dresses work nicely for women that are petite. Skirts have always been part of casual styles for ladies, although in various patterns and colours.

5.  … You’ve Now Officially Settled In, Keep Rolling


6 Stylish Fall Outfits for School  - As a teenager or a young adult, school is quite imperative and takes a big, vital role in your own small world. So, the sign "Back to School" does not... -   .


This was a short but sweet post to kickoff the Back To School season, I think I’m going to do more and I know I’m starting a bit late but I really feel these type of blog posts relating to school are always helpful, at least, I enjoy them and find them very helpful and inspiring. If you feel the same way please do LIKE this post 🙂 and leave your comments below; are you ready for back to school? and when is your first day?

This was one of my Pinterest Inspired posts for back to school because I find myself scrolling through Pinterest all the time and I’m always inspired so I wanted to bring that over to the blog once in a while to share my ideas from Pinterest.

The above outfits are very simple and I think on the most part reflective of my own choice so share yours because I would love to see 🙂 and I wish you all a great, successful year ahead in school, have fun!

NOTE: All credit goes to the original owner of the pictures above and are used here for inspiration reasons only (taken from Pinterest)




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