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H-E-L-L-O beautiful souls! Yes, today is the day (Cinco De Mayo) but can you move aside just a little please, cause it’s my B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y today. A special of special days and to you I wanna say you are the most special person you’ll ever meet okay it’s not cheesy it’s the truth so love yourself everyday and a little extra on your B-DAY 🙂 Also, thank you for being with me on this beautiful day, love you all very very much.


This is a BIRTHDAY BLOG as I am calling it…

Is it planned out in a certain way, probably not, at least not this time 🙂

I just wanted to simply share the day with you and most importantly what I’m doing for myself goals and all You can call this a “What I got for my Birthday/What I plan for the year” if you like.

Credit: One Amazing Brother


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What I Got For My Birthday (presents)

Now these are not material presents I’m talking of here, although I did get myself a new phone; the s8 🙂




The biggest gift I gave myself this birthday would be the GYM, yes, yes, yes you heard right. I said the G-Y-M but not just get a membership card and call it a day because I got a membership a while back, in the beginning of winter I believe. But during spring break like day one is when I properly began my fitness routine with a promise to not let it slide. In result, these past weeks leading up to May aka also my birthday have been extremely uplifting, energetic, and happy. What more would you ask for, expect for a hot body that comes with these benefits like a cherry on top. 


Then I finally got accepted into a program at school for which I had waited a long time, not mentioning the bad luck with jobs. This program was sought after so much because of it’s impact on my personal/professional growth. While helping out the community is a great feeling itself and gaining an edge in the work field, I will also be making some cash money again a cherry on top.

Also, I’ll be completing my associates by the end  summer and when I though about it, it made me pretty damn happy.

How can I forget this blog, it came into my life after my last bday but it’s been a beautiful addition.

Lastly, you curious creatures are probably wondering what did my loved ones get me … my family member’s just present me with cash-money so I buy whatever I like 🙂 now you now why there aren’t pretty gift boxes in this post, cause I got those pretty bucks in my wallet 🙂

What’s in store this year (plans)

First and foremost, a serious job hunt, like I ain’t giving up until I land that job whose descriptions speaks to me like yeah, I need to be here. I will go after it without feeling exhausted, put in time and energy it requires.

Secondly, get me a car after I have a job to take care of it

Increase my confidence, reduce the stress that’s been taking over

More photography (maybe start videos as well for the blog)

Keep up with the fitness routine

Live in the moment and be happy

But before all of that ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒ It’s time to celebrate the day with family, then go celebrate with friends 🙂



And with that the THE FIRST BIRTHDAY BLOG comes to an end, 23 and still not feeling the whole adult life yet. Though, I’m progressing which is important but I don’t ‘feel’ it in a sense where it’s always hitting me that I’m going far and far into my twenties. I don’t feel old, you shouldn’t either, externally, do take care of yourself or you’ll start to look old even if you aren’t feeling it.



Before I logoff, I would like to wish all the May babies a

‘H-A-P-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y’


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