Gilts&Glamz Is Getting A New Name!

Hello Awesome Followers (or more so) Friends,

This blog has come a long, long, very long way, to be honest at times I still can’t believe that it exits but thankfully it does and on top of everything ‘YOU’ people have made it a big beautiful thing ( a GlamFam of 600+). This blog you know as Gilts&Glamz once impulsively got it’s name and the owner (ME) (proudly smiles) was so grossed in learning and creating content for this blog, meeting (well virtually meeting) other bloggers that before I noticed I was far into this and it was growing (taken by surprise, again) and started to constantly think of the name and it’s meaning, impact and all that hard stuff that initially goes into a professional looking blog.

So taking it step by step because that’s the right way to do it, much consideration and thought will be put into this blog from here on (I tell myself and I will stick to it) so today I present to you …. the new name for this blog with high hopes that’ll you support it with much more love as it precedes, your input is always welcome, (in fact, I was thinking of letting you all vote on it, just because why not)

free-styled-stock-photos-7.jpgWithout further suspense, Let’s unveil the new name:

Gilts&Glamz is now ‘Xclusive Glam’

Yas! I have now confirmed this name (in hope of not having to change it again) as with any change to come, I’ll announce it before it takes place.

Thank You & Love You All,

You Are The Best!




23 thoughts on “Gilts&Glamz Is Getting A New Name!

  1. Either # 1 or # 2.
    It depends on what the direction of your blog will be? I like # 1 because of how personable it is. But # 2 if your content is going to be quite high-end or luxurious?

    But congrats! Very exciting news! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See you get me, you get me hehe that’s exactly what I asked myself and told myself if I go with #2 I’ll promise to make my blog grow into it in the future and that way it will have a direction rather than me just doing whatever.


      1. Ohh, I so feel you! Haha, I am of the same mind. But it’s so impossible with my current budget and just – baby steps right?

        What direction would #1 be? More lifestyle – everyday girl – vibe? xo

        Liked by 1 person

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