600 Followers: OMG…Thank Youuu!

600? 600? Six Hundred? You Guys Are AMAZING!!!

When I noticed I had hit 600 followers on the blog, it took me ‘some’ time to process it ‘some’ time that I am writing this post now, like now, you can say it took a ‘while’ jokes aside, if I think about it even now, like count the number, it’s overwhelming, but in the best of ways because I feel overwhelmed a lot and it’s never for a good cause. If you can’t already tell, despite this amazing progress I’ve been away. You’ve seen less and less content which is a bad thing but also a good thing, it’s good because I have refrained myself from just posting stuff without giving it much deserved attention and love. I mean 600 is a big number, looks like some responsibility and serious planning are under way. What so ever… today, in this moment I am here to give you all a bear (HUG) to thank you for bringing my blog all this way and yes, I’m afraid now of losing you all, because these are just the beginnings and we have a long way to go and endless new blogs to support, never stop sharing the love and smiles. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH, love you all! xoxo
new 600 followers sticker

In celebration let’s have a INSTA follow session, ready?

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  3. And smile 🙂 cause that’s all


There Are 600+ of You Now And I Lo♥e Each One of You!



Thank You For Following!

Stay Beautiful 


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47 thoughts on “600 Followers: OMG…Thank Youuu!

  1. Wow, congratulations!!! 600 is a big deal!! I’m so happy for you!! I’m sure many more will come!! I’m happy to be one of your lucky 600. My instagram name is pink.for.days xx

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