Liebster Award

Another Liebster Award!



Here’s to another liebster award, this one is from the gorgeous Oriana, side note: for a daily dose of cuteness check out her blog. In love with her last blog post, no words! So she nominated me for the liebster award again, and I can just say something, I’ve come to a realization that this award is so close to my heart for some reason, it’s special from the rest.

Now, Let’s Answer Her Questions!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten ?

My mom’s food, anything she makes is um um so good.

If you could memorize every word of an entire book, which one would it be ? 

I probably couldn’t although, I would memorize a holy book if that was the case. 

How do you deal with pressure/stress?

Unfortunately, nowadays it gets to me. But to manage it, I often clean, organize for some reason it makes me feel good, maybe I’m weird but it is what it is. I also feel better if stay out of the house so I go out. 

Which exotic pet would you like to own ?

Again… does a parrot count? 

Green or Purple ?

Hmm… green or purple, Purple cause it looks good on me hehe 🙂

That’s it ? Those were some good questions Oriana

I nominate:

1. Danielle The Fashion Doll

2. Nattyvinh

3. Jani V

4 .Champagne Diary

5. Antonia Robinson

This truly made me happy thank you Oriana lovely 🙂 and all of you beauties for your constant support and love. Hugs & Kisses ♥


Stay Beautiful


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