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How To Get A Flawless Under-Eye Concealer

Happy Friday!

If it’s morning time for you as well then, in that case; wish you a good, positive, beautiful morning and hope you’re Friday is a fantastic one, also I thank you for taking the time to read my post.

If you’re kind of mad at me, or just irritated ? of course for not touching on the good old ‘beauty’ posts then worry no more, today’s post is all about that and many more are on the way so without a further due I’m getting right into it…

In this post I’ll be sharing with you my personal routine for applying concealer to the under-eye area without it looking crusty and all cakey, I might shock some people when I say I didn’t wear canceler until recently no I did not have perfect under-eye I just didn’t feel comfortable the way it looked on my skin or you can say I didn’t know to apply it properly, whatever you like to believe but on my defense I would say I did exactly what all the makeup guru’s did on youtube but it never looked the same for me.


Say Bye Bye To Ugly Crusty Under-Eye Makeup

Makeup or no makeup, I make sure the area under my eyes is never dry, first and fore most I try to stay hydrated. I keep my under-eye area well moisturized by applying a dab of vaseline lightly every night or a good eye-cream, these days I just went back to using the vaseline trick.

Now, in the morning to the actual application:

  1. Prep I apply moisturizer, and sometimes I would even go in with the slightest bit of vaseline again. Dab that on with my finger very light handed.
  2. Skip The Base I have noticed that it’s best for me to leave out my under-eye area when applying base to the rest of my face, so that’s what I do now and it’s made a difference, a difference that I actually wear concealer now hehe
  3. Use A Setting Spray Next step is to take a setting spray and spray that on my brush, but it can’t be too wet. And yes I use a brush, I know most people use a beauty blender/sponge but the brush works fine for me. If you’re curious as to what brush I use I’ll make sure there here for you to check out: The Bestope Makeup Brushes they’re super inexpensive but are working great for me, I even reviewed them a while back, you can check that out right here Bestope Affordable Makeup Brushes Review
  4. Blend Properly The last thing is to just use the brush in pressing motions or dabbing motion whatever you like to call it but the concern is to not swipe the brush around to blend out the concealer, what concealer I use? Everyone’s Favorite, Okay Almost Everyone’s Favorite: The Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser
  5. Set it Lastly, I do go in with a powder but must I say very lightly cause that’s just me I feel I use the word light to much in my makeup talks so just to put it out there so yeah the powder helps everything to set and prevent lines and creasing throughout the day. Currently I use the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder

That’s all loves, it’s that simple and quick, well it’s has to be for my everyday routine but it’s working well for me to the point that I’m actually wearing my concealer now. Give it a try and see what it does for you OR leave your personal cake free under-eye concealer tips/routine/whatever you do for a flawless concealer application because I can use those and I’m sure other’s will appreciate them as well, sharing is caring πŸ™‚


Stay Beautiful!


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25 thoughts on “How To Get A Flawless Under-Eye Concealer

    1. And regarding the Skin Dew, if you want I can review it but I’ll be 100% honest with you that I actually didn’t use this on a daily basis until I started this routine for the under-eye and it’s perfect to dampen your beauty blender/brushes to set places that are a bit uneven on your face. It feels nice on the skin and perfect especially if you’re going for a dewy finish. I hope this made sense I’ll be more than happy to review it for you still 😘

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    1. Yeah, it was recently that I got it too well, also I just started with makeup recently so it makes sense hehe. But yeah I think it’s worth it πŸ™‚ thank you for stopping by love xo


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