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Let’s Get Social… (Following On Twitter Right Now)

Happy Friday Lovelies!

I’ve was just sitting down and scrolling through twitter feed as it hit me that I may not have you all on my twitter and I’m probably missing out on your wonderful tweets, as much as much I try to follow as many people I can find on social media, it’s still not everyone and that makes me sad so I decided why not do something fun and connect even more on social media. Are you ready?


For the next hour or two, okay two hours. In the next two hours, I am going to follow everyone anyone who comments on this post.


If you would like me to follow you on twitter simply;

  • Like this post
  • Head on over to twitter & follow @GiltsAndGlamz and I will follow you back, (I’m waiting)
  • And that’s it! (Simple as that)

Hope To See You There ๐Ÿ™‚ 



Now  we wait and see how this goes, ready set go comment!

Hey donโ€™t forget to follow me on my other social media โ†“

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