Hitting 500 FOLLOWERS


I know I was away for a week at least and what happened in that week, you would ask. And I would say that my little family here, grew to a good 500 people yikesss. It was just yesterday that I was writing my Thank You For 400 Blog Post and I didn’t think for a second that I would be writing another one so soon. But here I am and this time I am more hyped than ever, why? because so many of you, I mean many, many of you, great bloggers yourself showed such love for my blog and likes have also jumped high on my last few posts, which makes me so so happy, like the huge smile type of happy that takes time to fade away and it’s given me a new energy. Obviously I was not prepared for this hehe but I want to thank you ‘all’ each and everyone of you, from the oldest to the newest follower from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you guys and I hope you ‘all’ stick by in the time to come. All of you are unique and special in your own ways and bring your own spark that inspires so don’t you forget that for single second.

THANK YOU SO MUCH MY 500 Followers!


I have a lot of things planned and also some things I want to share with you so stay tuned and I hope the rest of your day is a beautiful one, lots of love.


Thank You For Following!

Stay Beautiful


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34 thoughts on “Hitting 500 FOLLOWERS

  1. I may not have been following you for long but I know for a fact that you deserved it, your beautiful posts which indeed show that you are truly beauty and brains are simply amazing. Keep on writing☺️

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    1. I know I’m responding to this later then I should have but in my mind I had replied hehe girl thank you thank you! You words were so true and touching, you are such sweet soul and I’m lucky to have you here on my blog 😘💋🙉❤️

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