Pinterest Inspired: Bob Haircut Styles

New Year, New Hairstyle?

I thought why not give this series a jump start today with these super cute and flattering hairstyles + haircuts that I’ve been saving and obsessing over for some time. I was actually looking for a haircut to get myself and of course, I went through boards to find a ‘good’ picture to show my hair stylist so I would have more chances of achieving the desired look. You know these people, they never listen ugh… I don’t even want to get started on my disappointments at the salon, it’s just harder to go back. I’m still in search of that “one” perfect hair stylist and likely a whole lot of money.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at some of my favorite haircuts below from Pinterest, shall we…

Bob’s… yas! and yes! I’ve been really into bob’s lately, specifically inverted bobs, from medium length to short, layered, or slightly layered with front bangs and oh love the side bangs way more. Just take a look at these yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

cute inverted bob haircut styles ideas:
Super cute and that volume, I probably don’t have that much hair to pull this off
Popular Medium Length Hairstyles for Those With Long, Thick Hair ★ See more:
This color tho…
8. Bob Haircut:
22 Fabulous Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2016:
Love this, simple but fun
Don't think I could ever go this light....but maybe when I transition to my "natural" color. Lol:
OMG, how cute is this haircut style, oh the curls!
If I ever could pull off short hair, this is what I'd love to have:
A bit longer 
medium length hairstyles, clavi cut, LOB - LOB haircut:
She looks super cute, doesn’t she?
Such naturally vibrant highlights!:
This, I want my hair to look this cute everyday, I’m in love with this hairstyle 

So that was my very first Pinterest Inspired post and I’m a bit nervous, just a little cause I honestly don’t know if you guys will like it or not but honestly I had so much fun doing this as I figured I would. I still need your thoughts on it though, if you like it then give it a ‘like’ so I know and if you have other ideas also just leave them in the comment section, thank you loves.

Lastly, I want these to open up more conversations here, so tell me if you are also into bob haircuts right now, if so which one would you go with.


Stay  Beautiful

Lots of Love 

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*Image Source:Pinterest

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