Me, Myself, And I

My Goals for 2017 Are To Work On Myself For Myself 392171888-love-yourself-steve-maraboli-quotes-sayings-pictures.jpg

Yes, that’s right! Cause guess what? No one else is going to take care of you expect you, you are responsible for you, your well-being, your success, your failures, and most of all your happiness. So this is going to be the year that I start giving myself the attention I deserve, this year I’m going to spend more time with myself, assess myself, work towards building my physical and mental health, and more than anything, anything, I’m going to love myself despite all my flaws. And ‘YOU’ yes ‘YOU’ are going to do the same because you deserve it and it’s not selfish of you, don’t let others fool you into believing you are doing something wrong by attending to yourself first. This is coming from a very naturally selfless person so take it and work with it my friend.


A More Happier & Healthy Me Is On The Way

1. A List: I created a list, a visual one, of all my goals for 2017

My Goals:

  • Mentally and physically fit

  • Drink more water

  • Good sleeping habits

  • And so on…

2. A Plan: I than decided to take my goals aka the difficult ones and created a full plan on how to achieve it, yes, it took time and a little effort but from here on it  only gets easier, all I have to do is follow. (If you want I can share my plan with you, just comment below)

3. A Drive: I subscribe, follow and watch people that will motivate me, read motivational quotes, even print them out and place them on a wall I look at the most.

4. A Will: I am willing to do this, I want to do this, I must do this. I am determined to work hard everyday, even if I fall I will get back up and continue to work on my plan because I want results before this year ends, I want to feel better and confident in my abilities. I want to be ready to face the world with a positive energy. 


This post is to serve each and everyone of you!

And that’s all my lovelies, I was just feeling a rush of motivation and determination so I put it to use by writing this blog post and it feels good, it feels empowering. Hope you get to feel this energy as well, I would love love love to hear from you all on this post so comment comment and spread good vibes 🙂 Love you all xo


Stay Beautiful


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19 thoughts on “Me, Myself, And I

  1. You write exactly how I’ve been feeling the past months. It’s time for me, myself and I. Being there for others is great, but you need to take care of yourself first! Because no one else will when it comes down to it! xoxo Sarah


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