A Beauty Haul


Let 2017 be the best of skincare, starting with a little haul here.

Make good habits, keep good habits this year, invest in your skincare, not only money but your time as well.

Establish, Maintain, and Adjust your morning and night skincare routines to meet your needs.

I’m happy to say that I automatically started this year with skincare priorities as you can see in this haul 🙂

1. Origins The Superstar Minis first time trying this brand and I wanted to try it so badly, so what better time than the holidays to try out new brands, special gift packs allows you to test more than one product for the price of one, I just love that, stating that my budgets are tight. Here’s what I got from the brand:

Did I forget to mention how cute the packing from Origins is…





2. StriVectin Also a brand I had to try since I had seen so many people talk about it and how effective it is, not to mention, I was starting to struggle from fine lines and all which sent me searching for good quality products and tips to stop this problem. I wasn’t able to get my hands on the bigger pack, being that it would get sold out everytime it came in but I did grab this duo:



3. Bliss something for the hands when I’m on the go, this seemed like a perfect thing to throw in my bag and there’s two of them, they smell so good.

4. Bare Minerals I know this one is not skincare; it’s an exception, the one and only exception. I thought it was quite, the colors are so me so I bought it, here it is:

Hope this wasn’t too boring for you 🙂 and if you enjoyed it or own these products or other skincare that benefits you please leave them below. Thank You!


Stay Beautiful

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3 thoughts on “A Beauty Haul

    1. Oh Hey, first of all thank you so much for stopping by site and secondly you are such a sweetheart, I’m happy you found this post to be helpful, I just wanted to share these things I had picked up and those two brands I do really like and wanted to try them.

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