How To Actually Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

Yes, it’s that ‘time’ again, where some of us are still in the state of “wait what, it’s 2017 already” then there’s also those of us that are like “yeah, let’s go 2017, I’m ready” but on the other side we also have those people who utter “thank god this year is over, now let’s hope 2017 is better”. These types have inspired me to publish this blog to kickoff the new year, and with that in mind this blog by all means serves as a motivation, that’s just combination of personal mistakes, lessons and observations.

It’s perfectly normal and great to create new year resolutions, after all it’s the time to start all things fresh. Though, it seems that new year resolutions are just a hype during the first week or weeks of the new year and are just good for tricking your mind into achieving much in the year. Now these resolutions can turn to achieved goals before the end of the year, if we make some small changes, surely, we would all be more successful. So today I’m going to show you What Not To Do aka Everything that’s wrong with new year resolutions and I’ll let YOU take it from there, so are you ready to achieve? Sit tight for a few minutes, I promise it’ll be well worth it 🙂

Reasons Your New Year Resolutions Fail

  1.  Setting Dates  saying you’ll start working towards your goal on a certain day, (e.g I’ll start going to the gym on January 1st because this week I’m going to be unhealthy anyways with all the celebrations) No! No! No! by doing this you’re already showing a lack of motivation, it’s saying you’re not eager enough, you don’t want it badly, you’re just telling yourself you need to do this and there’s a difference between ‘having’ to do something and ‘wanting’ to do something. The ‘want’ will take you further!


 2. Making Long Lists  if you have to sit there and brainstorm your goals on a paper to make a resolution or to-do, you’ve got this wrong, resolutions are not about entries, journals are more suitable for this. Which means keep your resolutions short and to the point. Don’t kid yourself by putting down unrealistic goals, don’t put down too many things; 1,2,3,4,5 from most important to least important, simple as that. Let me tell you deep down you know what you really want to accomplish in the coming year, it’s the things you didn’t achieve the past year, things you know you need to accomplish this coming year (e.g get a job, finish school, reduce anxiety)


3.  Feeling Like it  Let me tell you; you’re never going to ‘feel’ like it. Did you ever wonder why you’re writing down what you need to do, you are convincing yourself that if you write it out, you will somehow magically get it all done. OKAY! back to reality and let’s face it, everything you’re telling yourself you are going to do in the new year, guess what…you’re not going ‘feel like it’ thats’s right, it’s not “New Year, New Me” it goes more like this “New year, Old You”. Now that this huge misconception is gone, let me tell you what you need to put to the side this year; your ‘feelings‘ when it comes getting stuff done, be it big dreams or small tasks, there is no room for feelings, all you need to remember is work work work, use feelings to express emotions and love to your loved ones not to distract you from achieving your goals.


f91e75bbe245eccb8d658cb164c76c6d_Must-Do-It-1199.jpgb68c34e795e269e4971fb115003b1891.jpg4. Negative People  negative people and bad environment are the root of your problems and failures in life more than often, understand one thing that ‘you’ yourself may not be that of a pessimist as you have come to believe. It’s actually your social circle that’s having a larger impact on you, surround yourself with likeminded people and eliminate those who are nothing but a bad influence. And if they’re a family member, try to reduce the influence they have on your dreams and aspirations and create a work place that’s away from distractions.

 5.  ALL Or Nothing it’s not the case, it’s not and trust me when I say this because I have always been about “go all out or go home” in reality you do not get very far with this approach in fact, you stay ‘stuck’. Everything counts, every little step counts, something is better than nothing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Start, take the first step as you begin this new year and keep walking, don’t stop, if you fall get back up.


11325772_888365517877562_1463811173_n.jpgAnd with that I hope you all leave with a rush of energy and a vibe to go out there with a new outlook that’s filled with motivation and excitement to conquer those dreams and goals, wish you all the best, and please let me know whether or not I was successful in my approach. Feel free to leave your comments and tips so we can all benefit from each other.

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Wish you all a very happy and successful NEW YEAR my lovelies, virtual hugs & kisses & cheers 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am honestly so happy to be apart of this amazing, loving and creative community here and super excited about 2017, I know you all are too, thank you for being apart of Gilts&Glamz journey to 2017 xoxo


Stay Beautiful & Share The Good Vibes 



13 thoughts on “How To Actually Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

    1. Hi Greta, I just want to let you know thatyour feedback has made my day 😊😘 THANK YOU for checking out my site and I wish you all the best in 2017…you can do it 👍 Happy New Year!


  1. I once heard a quote by Coco Chanel saying ‘Elegance is Refusal’ when we refuse to hang around with people who are detrimental to our personal growth, well-being and all around encouraging the pessimistic inside of us then we’re not arrogant people, we’re being kind to ourselves, your beautiful, enlightening post reminded me of that. I loved this post, loved the whole blog. simply amazing!

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