Five Easy Ways To Declutter Your Mind

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having an amazing start to your week and things are flowing well for you, but most importantly I hope that you’re mind is at ease. If all of this is true for you, hands down for you and by all means go ahead skip this post, I won’t mind 🙂 I promise, I mean unless you still wanna scroll through these Five Easy Ways To Declutter Your Mind and hit that ‘like’ button that would of course make ‘my’ day 🙂 hehe Anyways let’s get on with today’s blog, before I go on, I just want to say this the reason I decided to put out this blog post ahead of the one I had originally planned is because I myself can relate so much to this topic right now, which just makes it more meaningful and that’s the case with everything. So here we go!

Image: Moberly Area Community College

1. Write It Down – Before anything you want to sit down and grab a notebook or even a piece of paper (it doesn’t have to be permanent, unless you want to keep a journal and do this on a daily basis, that’s great ) so start writing down everything that’s on your mind and number it. Now that you got everything out from your mind and onto the paper, let’s say it’s taken care of, just keep the paper in sight!


2. Clean Up – This is something I personally do each time, I’ve been doing this ever since, I have this relation with cleaning that even if I want to get rid of it, I can’t. My surroundings ‘have’ to be clean, I can only take it up to certain point, the mess of course is just things all over the place, or to say out of place. Though this is ‘much’ work no doubt, especially when you have a lot on your hand, people simply don’t have the time to clean up and that’s true, we can always put off cleaning, in fact that’s exactly what we do- up to the point where we can no longer find the things we need. However, try an alternative and actually ‘clean up’ your space when you’re feeling stressed out or can’t concentrate on your to do’s. It will take up some time but I bet you’ll achieve much more in less the time you’re originally wasting trying to get good concentration. Everyone likes a tidy place even the ones who don’t care for cleaning it.

Time to organize

3.  Go out – Okay! so you’ve cleaned up your whole place because you felt so pumped. Now what? well now’s here comes the best part… ready? It’s time to clean yourself now, no seriously, you just cleaned the whole house and you could probably use a good shower. So here’s the plan, pamper yourself a little before you jump in the shower by treating your face/body to a good scrub check out this all natural scrub which is quick and effective. A shower never fails to make me feel better, it quickly changes my whole mood and I’m a whole new person afterwards who’s not stressed at all 🙂 but to make it even better, I end up going out of the house and spending the evening with people who are sure to bring laughters and haven’t you heard that laughing is the best kind of exercise.

Image: Odyssey

4. Exercise – Speaking of exercises, laughing is not the only exercise you need to keep yourself happy and healthy. It can’t be extended enough, exercise is a must if you want to maintain a good overall health. Whenever, you feel like you can’t take it anymore, just distance yourself from everything and go for a workout, if not a full workout do some cardio. It will help you release the stress that’s built up and you’ll just feel more pumped afterwards, ready to take on the next task.

5. Music – well, there’s really no order or specific time for this. Though, I think it’s best that it’s always best when I’m alone and I have to get stuff done that I have music in my background and that’s often music that’s upbeat and positive even because that’s how I get my energy “like yeah! I can do this, I’m great” that type of energy that makes you feel like you can do anything. Another time that music is helpful or I should say needed is when I clean up. Yass! What more can I say about music, it works everytime.

Attractive young woman lying on sofa and listening music

With that today’s blog comes to an end… I hope you like it, It is something different from my usual ones so let me know what you think, should I add more these to my list, comment below. I’ll see you in my next one but before you go I want to know what you do to clear your mind.


Until Next Time,

Stay Confidently Beautiful

Lots of Love 

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4 thoughts on “Five Easy Ways To Declutter Your Mind

  1. hahaha seriously – I also need to be on an organized and clean space in order to feel comfortable! Gotta work on number 4 though…I got so lazy during this winter but now it’s already spring time and I’m still not moving 😀


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