September ipsy Glam Bag; Too Glam To Give A Damn?

Hi there… how’s it going? ‘September’ wow it’s september 🙂 already but to be honest with the weather and all I wasn’t feeling ‘fall’ coming in at all, until now, yesterday was a such a beautiful day and night, I can’t describe it in words even if I try to, you could only feel it 🙂 and that’s when it hit me that it is september already… mid-september indeed. With that I bring you the September ipsy bag (unboxing) along with some sad news……..this would be my last ipsy bag (for now) since I have canceled the subscription. If you’re wondering WHY? continue reading and you’ll find out other than that please enjoy the rest of the unboxing (because this bag is a nice one) let’s say it made me happy 🙂

THIS MONTH’S THEME:  This month’s theme of the ipsy glam bags is actually “Glamazon” Too glam to give a damn, aww… I’m liking this whole theme over here. The back of card says “REAL TALK” We’re through with lazy beauty, put away your sweatpants, let down your ponytail and get glammed up just for the hell of it. So it’s ipsy is making it pretty clear that this month is about be G-L-A-M G-L-A-M. Which is nice, I like how this is making me feel, I think I needed this right now to lift me up hehe.



THE BAG: Here’s a look at the bag itself, did I mention, I also love the bag design this time, Like I like it 🙂 the colors it’s nice & shiney, the feels, everything. I’m definitely keeping this one 🙂

The girls are spelling out ipsy, neat!


The Products: Now to the actual reason for this subscription, the goodies.


So here we have the products and their descriptions;

Amie, naturally kind, Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish – which cleans pore-deep for clearer, softer skin, it’s skin-friendly with natural extracts. It contains natural rice granules that work deep down into pores to lift away dirt, oil, and impurities, revealing clear, smooth skin. It’s always nice to get a cleansing product (can you ever have too many) , though, I don’t know about this, I’m excited to try it out with hopes that it does what it claims. img1474392182617.jpg

Bellapierre Cosmetics, Mineral Blush (MB002) Autumn Glow, this is bigger than a sample size and the shade autumn glow is perfect, however, I do not know if this would look just as good on my face, since it’s a powder blush but it’s A Mineral Blush so that’s nice. Looking forward to this one as well.

Tarte, Tarteist Lash Paint, Look… finally a high end brand 🙂 I was super excited to see this one in the sneak peak (yes, I’m impatient, I can’t wait) however, when it finally came and I opened it to try it out, my excitement faded a little, to me the sample was eehh… not the best, other sample mascara’s I’ve received I use like forever (don’t even buy the full-size) it was more for show, inside was hollow that I thought I broke it opening or something.

Naked Cosmetics, Naked Advanced Aloe Cream It promotes cellular regeneration, gives you new baby-fresh skin faster, it softens up—thanks to amino acids, vitamins, shea butter and natural oils as well as Manuka honey from New Zealand heals and soothes. Oh, that’s a LOT going on in there, amazing, I’m impressed by the description 🙂 of this little thing here.

Pixi By Petra Lipstick, eww… another high end product in this told you this was a good bag I noticed the more expensive brands are always the tiny ones, but it’s soo cute in this size, easy to carry in your pocket, the color is not to complain about either, it’s like my color 🙂 Have a look yourself.


And that concludes this month’s ipsy bag unboxing, I truly enjoyed this one and I’m totally feeling this whole ‘GLAM’ thing, again I love the bag, as you can see it’s in every picture hehe. And now as to why this is my last ipsy bag unboxing; Okay! so first of all I just wanna say, I don’t hate ipsy at all and I didn’t have any bad experiences either, they’re cute and I liked their service as well plus this being my first ever beauty subscription; they hold a special place of course. It’s just that I was looking forward to try more of the higher end brands which aren’t always easy to purchase and end up not liking it. Which is why I’m switching to the Sephora Play Box now. I’ve seen fellow bloggers do their unboxings of the PlayBox, so I did a little research on it and guess what it does offer much more for the same value plus it’s directly from Sephora, (and the meetups, the playpass) with everything it just seemed more suitable (so there will still be unboxings every month)

P.S. I just have so much to say to you guys, (that I think I was accidently cramming it into this post) but no, I will do a separate post! Right now I just have to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who’s made this blog come come this far 🙂 Because yes! as I was creating this post last night, I saw the blog was a follower away from being 200 and now it has reached 200. I can’t begin to tell you how much this means to me, (you guys made my day) love you all and  I’ll see you in my next one.


Until Next Time,

Stay Confidently Beautiful

Lots of Love 

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