Quick School Makeup: Using Only 5 Makeup Products

W-E-L-C-O-M-E  B-A-C-K lovelies, how was your first of school? Here, the heat is on going it’s not as bad as the past few weeks but it’s still hot – summer is still here, it’s just that school has started. Speaking of school, I thought why not share a quick and easy makeup look for school days. What you guys think, should we get right into this ‘school makeup’ blog. These are just my personal preferences that really work in my favor so I guess this is also kind of my school makeup routine (two in one) ‘so’ if you would like to know what I do to pull myself together in the morning under 10 mins using only 5 makeup products, than please keep on reading:)

5 Ideal Makeup Products: 

  1. BB Cream
  2. Eyebrow pencil
  3. Bronzer/Blush Duo
  4. Mascara
  5. Lipstick

Why These 5 Products ?

 BB Cream who doesn’t love BB creams? Sorry we can’t be friends if you don’t love a BB cream lol  What did we even do before BB creams, I think they have to be the best releases ever in makeup. I choose a BB cream for two reasons; one, that it’s like a all-in-one thing covers, corrects, and brightens. Two, it’s easily blended, which is the best part it saves time  so you can fill in your eyebrows 🙂 Maybelline BB Cream is my fav!

Eyebrow Pencil the reason why I said eyebrow pencil is because YES! I get it, we can not leave the house without filling in eyebrows these days even though, it’s personally not that big of a deal for me to be honest but for some people it is and IT IS kind of important too if you think about it. Therefore, a eyebrow pencil will make it less complicated, since it gives you more control and even if you don’t get it perfect, you can still work with it to make them look presentable. That’s just what I prefer, you can substitute pencil with whatever is easy for you or simply skip this step.

Bronzer/Blush Duo BRONZER is a ‘must’ for me and think everyone, so a nice duo of both a bronzer and blush is the perfect thing in the morning to quickly contour,bronze and give color to your face. With a powder bronzer you can still get those defined cheekbones, jawline, and nose without spending much time on this process. Simply take your fav brush (you use to contour/bronze your face) and apply bronzer under your cheekbones, sides of the nose, and over the forehead/jawline as well, then add a blush color to cheeks (a nice pinkish shade is perfect)

Mascara  who could forget this guy, it’s the secret to making your eyes pop even without any makeup just makes you look more awake, doesn’t it? anyways, keep you ‘fav’ one handy and apply it starting closer to the lash line in a wiggling motion (to give the appearance of thicker fuller lashes and an illusion of having eyeliner)

Lipstick Lipstick Lipstick, don’t skip this step, I prefer you use your fav everyday shade nude pinks, anyone? even if you’re not up for lipstick and lining lips, use a tinted lip balm ( mostly one with a tint of red) it will give your lips such a nice natural color to even out the whole face.

Image: Pinterest


I know my crazy idea of these ‘only 5 products’ seems very limiting especially depending on your individual style, you might need completely different products or simply need a few more to complete your look but don’t forget my purpose here was to give you a ‘quick’ look for school mornings. With that in mind hope you like today’s post, which was short and sweet but very useful. Before you leave, I would like to know your #1 must have for a school morning I’m just curious hehe so please comment below. Now I KNOW most people can’t do without concealer so go ahead and throw it in and be happy 🙂



See you all soon,

Stay Confidently Beautiful

Lots of Love 

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