Back To School : Tips & Tricks

Welcome back my lovelies … can you believe it? summer 2016 is OVER with school just around the corner and guess what… ready or not it only means one thing, that is to get back into a School Routine, so basically it’s time to kiss-goodbye to sleep in’s, lazy mornings/days, late brunches, and beaches… okay! I think you get the point. Some of you are probably already headed to your dorms or just getting ready to leave and the rest of us who don’t have to ‘pack’ our bags entirely because our college is right in our hometown 🙂 we still have to get into the habit of waking up on time and being a bit a more responsible and not the miss the bus every day, you know. Which is why I decided to share some tips & tricks for back to school rather than simply doing a Back To School Routine which may or may not interest you so without wasting any further time let’s get moving.

WAKING UP oh boy! it all starts here… the struggle is real when it comes to waking up on time either I stay alarmed all night or I sleep away the night, the alarms, the wake-up time, never know ok! for real this is something most people struggle with an ‘if’ you don’t hats off to you 


 1)  START EARLY that means start setting your alarm at a decent time or whatever time you’ll be waking up for school about two weeks before school even if you fail, you’ll get into somewhat of a habit and mostly it works IF YOU WANT IT TO hehe.

2)  GO TO BED EARLIER this goes without saying but of course we will completely ignore this wonderful solution and stay up till 2 a.m anywaysisn’t sleeping on time even harder than waking up on time lol I think it is. Here’s something that ‘might’ make it easier to fall asleep: DO NOT! keep the charger next to your bed this just increases your chances of staying on it longer. It’s hard but once you’ve gotten your dose of social media Put the phone far from your reach, At least get it out of your bed

3) SET MORE THAN TWO ALARMS and make sure that one alarm is out of your reach, place it far from your bed that way you are forced to get out of bed.

GETTING READY so little time so much to do before we can head out the door so try these 


1) ORGANIZE EVERYTHING BEFOREHAND that means wash, match, and hang all your outfits a week before, (always pick out what you need to wear the night before) Make your everyday makeup products easily accessible separate from the rest of the bunch (put them in a separate organizer/drawer so you can quickly grab anything you need )


BREAKFAST this is probably the hardest part but also the most important, it might seem easier to skip this step don’t just don’t you’ll just end up being grumpy while hungry so help yourself.


1)  QUICK BREAKFAST even on your way out take a slice of bread and spread some Nutella 🙂 on it, grab a drink and out you go.

2) THE NIGHT BEFORE if you can’t spare a second in the morning then prepare something the night before so it’s there for you in the morning, like cut some fruits and store them in the refrigerator or better yet make yourself a healthy smoothie and freeze it up and grab it on your way out in the morning. I think you get the whole ‘idea’ of doing everything beforehand… that’s the best way 🙂


Here’s some inspiration 🙂 Image:Pinterest

#1 Trick: Keep the time on your gadgets (whatever you rely on the most) 10 mins ahead (this will ‘save’ you big time) from the clock in your room to your phone or the watch on your wrist make sure to set it 10 mins ahead you can thank me later lol 

This was meant to be a little blog dedicated to ‘GETTING BACK TO SCHOOL’ and I basically want to you wish you all the best for this coming school year, it can get really stressful but stay dedicated and the hard work will pay off, Hope you all find my tips somewhat helpful, also if you would like a detailed blog on any of the related topics to feel free to let me know in the comments.

P.S. I do not plan on putting this blog on a hold throughout the school year at all and would try my best to blog as much as I can.


Until Next Time,

Stay Confidently Beautiful While getting those A’s 🙂

Lots of Love 

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10 thoughts on “Back To School : Tips & Tricks

  1. Love some of these tips, the breakfast idea you had sounded amazing! And I agree picking out your clothes the night before is definitely the way to go, if I don’t I can never decide what to wear and end up looking like a hot mess 😂

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