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Welcomed back to my blog lovelies and yes if you’re all about contouring too like all of us you have come to the right place at the right time because today’s post is all about that contour. Only because this post just seems mandatory… let’s be real no makeup routine is complete without contouring let me just contour a little is what we all tell ourselves even when we don’t have enough time to about it all. From big celebrities to Youtube stars to bloggers to you and me ‘contouring’ has become one habit that’s hard to lose maybe because it provides us with the comfort that we can look all sculpted in no time, though, contouring ‘can’ give you that perfect slimed look you desire and high cheekbones, and abs, and toned legs, and basically anything else you wish for to be shaped… contouring can do just that we’ve seen it all over insta and youtube no arguments here, however, that is ‘only’ and ‘only’ if you do it well and yes, it will take practice to perfect it but you can do it. Whether Kim k ‘might’ be or might not be over with contouring, one thing is for sure… this trend ain’t going anywhere any soon, it’s actually made a permanent place in many people’s makeup routines just can’t resist. 

So What Is Contouring ?

In simple words contouring is slimming/enhancing/defining your features like your nose, cheekbones, and jawline. Contouring actually contains two parts or shades; a dark one and light one. You use the dark shade in whatever form you prefer powder or cream powder is easier to work with everyday to ‘hide’ parts you don’t want to be apparent, it basically creates shadows on your face so for example, if you want to slim your nose, you would place the dark shade on the sides of your nose along with the tip. The light shade is used to ‘bring’ out your features, so if you want a certain part of your face to stand out or appear lifted like the highpoints of your cheekbones you would simply apply the light shade there. You blend all of that out nicely and precisely using a flat angled contour brush or sponge and you’ll get a contoured face. Don’t blend it all away and also don’t leave it half blended…  REMEMBER NO HARSH LINES are to be seen, you are just creating an illusion not fine lines to contour. 


By Dressyourface


Contouring is not new a thing and also not an old one, there has been many trends within contouring some crazy ones like using anything you can find to contour shoes? Knifes? Then some normal ones like using tape to contour your face very common one and a sensible too. ‘Strobing’ and ‘Baking’ are also in full swing these days, especially, ‘baking’ but I’ll save that for another time, this blog’s focus was ‘contouring’ so there you have it, if I missed any points let me know otherwise, hope you liked my take on contouring, see you all in my next one beauties.:) 

If you would like to see a list of some of the best – expensive & inexpensive contouring kits give this a ‘like’ and comment your favorite one.


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