My Nighttime Skincare Routine

Welcome back lovelies 🙂 and a ‘Huge Welcome’ to first-time readers so glad you found your way to my little blog here 🙂 

Since I have already shared My Morning Skincare Routine I thought it would only make sense for this post to be all about my night skincare routine. So there you have it My Nighttime Skincare, I personally love watching/reading these… everyone wants to look fab from a.m to p.m you know that flawless skin type of fab the secret? is your AM/PM skincare routine yes that’s right! As annoying as it may be once you see the difference on your skin you’ll be addicted to these routines like never before… trust me! I’ve experienced it 🙂

Today I would love to share my current night-time skincare routine with you all, so if you would like to see the products I use and why I use them please keep on reading…

Wash My Face; Good-bye to laziness when it comes to washing my face at night now didn’t realize just how important it is after a long-polluted day full of germs. I use a Clean & Clear Night-Time Deep Cleaning Face Wash pat-dry my face with a towel and take off any remaining makeup which is mostly on the eyes using some almond oil. 

Moisturize My Face; I use the Clinique Smart Night Moisturizer all over my face and can’t forget the neck (hands and neck are actually the first to show signs of aging) I pat the moisturizer onto my skin and let it absorb. Been loving this moisturizer for night time, leaves the skin super moisturized and so soft, works overnight to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and evens skin-tone.

Take Care Of Dark Spots, Acne Scars, and all; I use the Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector it’s great because it even takes care of any past acne marks and it actually works, but you do have to use it twice a day to see good results.

Never Stopping Acne; ugh, this is one hard issue to tackle, for some reason okay maybe many reasons the past year or half these breakouts just won’t stop stressful? very much.  However, I do have a solution for it, of course, it takes time, like two days, then the acne scars that you have to care of, oh! what is life? Anyways, I use the Clindamycin Gel  I get it prescribed by a doctor and I have been using this for years now, in other words, this was my solution/rescue from acne, been using it ever since. What’s amazing is that I think this not only cured of spot acne but I applied it all over my face and whole face cleared up, now I only use it on the affected areas, though, I think it doesn’t work as fast probably because my skin has become accustomed to it BUT  IT STILL WORKS 🙂

For My Eyes; lately, I have been trying out the Organic Surge Eye Reviving Gel that I received from ipsy and I must say it does take the stress off my eyes and gives a relaxed feeling also dries quickly. Though, the most important thing that I never forget to use under my eyes is actually Almond Oil  dap a little on my ring finger and gently massage it under my eyes, it helps the highly sensitive under-eye area with its natural anti-inflammatory properties which will reduce any puffiness/dark circles, enriched with vitamin E and K which removes clotting. The perfect treatment for my eyes without the expensive tag. For Lashes; I take a little bit of vaseline and apply it to my upper and lower lashes with my finger, Also Castor oil is the ‘holy grail’ for growing thick beautiful lashes.


For My Lips; if you already know from my Morning Skincare Routine  I use Vaseline for my lips, it’s the best and least inexpensive but waits there’s more… Almond Oil again yes I apply it all over my lips as well, my lips are somewhat pigmented so it is an excellent natural remedy to lighten dark lips and keep them looking nice and rosy.


That was my night skincare routine, I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while and I’m so happy to finally share it with you guys. Would love to see your skincare routines so keep them coming, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave me a comment below.


Until Next Time,

Stay Confidently Beautiful

Lots of Love 

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8 thoughts on “My Nighttime Skincare Routine

  1. Some great advice – I’ve been rubbish at looking after my skin over the years and am trying hard to set up a better skincare routine now (better late than never) – I really like the idea of the almond oil around the eyes and am going to give that a try! x
    Great to meet you and thanks for following my blog! x

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