Clinique Foundation Review

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer Review With Swatches

Hello my beauties welcome back to my blog and a warm welcome to anyone who’s new to my blog, hope you stick around 🙂 Now let’s talk Clinique’s latest foundation Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. Did I mention that Clinique is actually one of the first brands that I ever used (excluding drugstore brands) YEAH! I don’t know why I thought this was important but what’s important is that I really LOVE Clinique. So when I realized I needed more coverage aka a good foundation in my life, I opted for this one and I’m glad that I did! If you would like to know why then please keep on reading…

As Clinique describes it:

Benefits: Moisturizing 

Skin Types: All

A foundation-and-concealer in one for a natural, beyond perfected look that lasts all day. Lightweight, moisturizing makeup covers thoroughly without clogging pores. Skin breathes comfortably, colour stays true, even through sweat and humidity.

*Due to the rich pigment level that enhances this flawless coverage makeup, shades may appear deeper when first applied. Once blended completely and allowed to dry, Beyond Perfecting Makeup will melt into your skin for a Beyond Perfected flawless look.

Here’s what it looks like

How does it hold up to it’s description ?

Let me start off by saying YES “the description is VERY accurate” and the $27.00 were well spent 🙂 It retails for $27.00 but if you sign-up for their mailing list you do get a discount, also what’s great about Clinique is that they give you free gifts when spend an certain amount ehmm…did I mention that those gifts are not just tiny samples Get It Now 

This one is in the shade ‘cream whip’

What’s great about this foundation is: it is known for it’s wonderful coverage without the weight!  

It’s good for all skin types 

It’s foundation + Concealer (if you don’t have severe dark circles this should be more than enough) 

It’ long-lasting (even WITHOUT a primer) 

It’s really light on skin 

It’s medium to full coverage 

It’s available in many shades 

It’s very hydrating 

Little goes a long way

What’s not so great about it: Honestly I have yet to find anything bad about this foundation 😀 

It takes awhile to blend ( apply tiny dots on your face with the applicator and blend using your brush or beauty blender) 

‘Little goes a long way’

It does not have any SPF (so don’t forget to use a moisturizer with SPF for day time)  

Slight scent (gone once applied)  

Here are the swatches, second picture:  is ‘blended’

I give it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Overall, LOVE LOVEE it, you guys seriously this thing does not move throughout the day once you put it on, you take it off when you want to IT STAYS PUT EVEN THROUGH HEAT & HUMIDITY (I put it to the test on a hot July day) as far I’ve noticed it doesn’t even crease much, I am very pleased since it does not give me a fake look and it is indeed a very flawless finish… I mean who wants a cakey finish. Smooth to the touch, it covers it all and you don’t even feel it on your skin… I don’t ask for more 🙂 I don’t wear makeup EVERYDAY but YES I have used this for a while before writing this review.

A LITTLE TIP:  To insure a smooth finish and easy blending, make sure your skin is well moisturized before hand ( always give at least 5 mins for the moisturizer to absorb before applying foundation) * If needed, use a ‘slightly’ damp sponge/beauty blender and lightly dab it on your face for a flawless finish.

Hope you find this review helpful, if there’s anything that I left out do let me know, as always I would love your feedback, have you tried this foundation yet, will you be trying it comment below.


Until Next Time,

Stay Confidently Beautiful

Lots of Love 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

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