BH Cosmetics Sculpt & Glow Palette Review

BH Cosmetics ‘Forever Nude’ Sculpt & Glow Palette Review With Swatches & Pictures  


Hello my wonderful, gorgeous readers welcome back to my blog. What? Did I just post for two days straight… I think I did 🙂 and I would love to post as soon as possible cause guess what, with each post that I create I get to know more and more of you wonderful people. Anyways you probably came here looking for that beautiful palette am I right?  I would hate to keep you waiting so let’s get right into it. 🙂

The packing is simple yet cute, looks attractive doesn’t it?

This is the Sculpt & Glow palette by Forever Nude from BH COSMETICS  (if you haven’t already go and check them out, great for beginners or anyone on a budget) the palette originally retails for $23.00 but they always some sale going on so you could it for cheaper, I bought it for $12.50, it’s available in two shades light medium and deep medium, this one is in the shade light medium. This is a contouring kit in a decent size palette, pigmented enough, it contains a dark color for the contour, a lighter color for bronzer, a nice shimmery light pink for blush, and of course, a highlighter in a light shimmer white, it also contains a yellow color to set.


  • Blends seamlessly
  • Cruelty free
  • Natural finish
  • Great for everyday use
  • Easy to carry around with you
  • Not so expensive 
This is how it looks from the back, got all that info there for you

Now there’s a bit of sheen to the contour color when you look closely but it’s not shimmery at all, which I like. After reading the reviews on the website and using it myself, I can say it’s a great product, I love the colors, it definitely has become my ‘go to’. This would be perfect anyone like me who’s looking for a powdered contour kit since they are the easiest to work with whether you’re new to contouring or you’re in a rush but still want a defined face. It blends so nicely! Also, this is really cheap compared to higher ends yet it still gets the job done so I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t try it out, have I mentioned it’s perfect for school when you want to keep things light and more natural, on the other hand, layer these shades for a more glammed up look whenever you desire.

Here’s another view 😍 oh! so pretty
Close up! It’s definitely your ‘go to’
And these are the swatches

I hope you guys found this review helpful, if you enjoyed this post and would like to see more of these go ahead and give it a ‘like’ so I know what you enjoy reading the most, also if you would like to see a tutorial of this palette or simply have a question feel free to leave a comment.


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