ipsy July Glam Bag

My First ipsy Bag Has Arrived!

Welcome back to my blog, hope you’re all doing great… As you can already tell from the title of this post, today’s post is all about ipsy… featuring my first ever ipsy glam bag. SO if you would like to see what’s in my glam bag then please keep on reading…

I’m sure many of you are already familiar with ipsy and other brands as well that offer subscriptions for monthly glam bags packed with goodies from both high end brands as well as some low-ends. I also went ahead and tried ipsy since it’s only $10.00 a month and I’ll be honest it wasn’t the first time I ever discovered ipsy BUT this time the whole idea just sounded so much more appealing to me since I’ve been looking into beauty products lately and I decided on sign up for the glam bag… I was put on a waitlist but luckily I got off that waitlist in no time and was informed I’ll be charged for this month WHICH MEANT I would get MY BAG this month, YAY!!! Just received the bag yesterday (they send these out mid-month) COULD NOT WAIT TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL… so without a further due let’s get into it.

This month’s theme is ‘Hot Summer Nights’ 🙂 the bag itself is nice and shiny with a cute umbrella printed design… can’t wait to see what’s in it 😀

What’s in the bag?

Take A Look Yourself ↓↓↓

  • Matte eyeshadow ‘Meet Matt(e) Trimony’  from theBlam the package is cute, it is a sample size but omg I love the color.
  • Reviving Eye Gel from Organic Surge hmm… a eye product, I could definitely use another one, will have to try this one and see, it sounds good cause itshe got green tea extracts in it.
  • Power Lash Black Mascara from Model Co not bad, not sure if I’ll be using it much though
  • Mini Highlight Stick from tre´Stique found something else I like a highlight stick, it’s actually nice you could definitely layer this, it’s got a nice natural looking glow with some sheen… I think this would be great for the brow-bone and the cubids bow area. I’ll be using it 🙂
  • 215 Small Angle Brush from Luxie the brush is nice and soft and great that it is angel brush 🙂

That’s it for today’s post, hope you enjoyed it, curious as to what beauty subscriptions you’re subscribed to ? Would love to see what you received this month so don’t forget to share 🙂

Thanks For Reading!

Until Next Time,

Stay Confident,

Stay Beautiful,

Lots A Love

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