DIY: Coffee Scrub For A Glowing Skin

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, hope you’re doing great, summer vacation is just flying by so here I am back with another post… I know it’s been a while I haven’t posted anything and I’m really sorry about that, I’m also really thankful to all those who have taken the time to read and follow my blog to this point. I’m truly looking forward to more posts and new friends, hope you are too.

NOW…ONTO TODAY’S POST ↓↓↓ So excited for this one 😀

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Today I would love to share with you all *hands down* one of my favorite scrubs, THE COFFEE & SUGAR SCRUB it’s great for your face and your body because it provides great exfoliation and coffee is best known to reduce cellulite OH! and of course nothing beats the lush smell this diy scrub, I mean ‘unless’ you’re someone who does not enjoy the smell of coffee as much, maybe you can ‘try’ to look past the smell and still enjoy the benefits of this very ‘inexpensive’ scrub available at your home in no time. So let’s get started… shall we ?

Everything you need is probably already sitting in your kitchen cabinets so go and grab some;

*GROUND COFFEE (don’t use instant coffee cause it would just blend away and yeah! it wouldn’t be a scrub anymore I guess

*BROWN SUGAR ( don’t use it if you want a lighter scrub, I mean it’s optional)

*COCONUT OIL OR HONEY (do use one of these to moisturize and sooth the skin)


Take a small bowl and put desired amount of coffee ground (1 to 2 spoons-full should be enough for the face/neck) add brown sugar ,again it depends on you if you want some ‘good’ exfoliation go ahead and add ( 2 spoons of brown sugar) now, if you do not want to use an oil in your scrub you can add honey to create a mixture (1 spoon is enough) – I like to use honey since it’s great for acne, it’s antibacterial, antioxidant, and extremely shooting, this honestly leaves my skin super clean and baby soft… mission accomplished! OKAY, OKAY…now mix everything well with a spoon AND… you’re done.

BENEFITS: Brightens skin, improves circulation, helps with acne, gets rid of dead skin, reverses sun-damage, reduces the appearance of cellulite, restores aging skin, overall glow

Simply apply the scrub with your hands to your face and neck, rub lightly in circular motions. I prefer you apply this at the bathroom sink so you don’t get surgery crumbs all over.


Wash it off and see the magic for yourself!

This is it you guys, hope you enjoyed reading today’s post because I loved creating this one for you beauties, would love to hear about some of your favorite scrubs so do comment and share if you liked it.

Thanks For Reading!

Until Next Time!

Stay Confident

Stay Beautiful

Lots A Love


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6 thoughts on “DIY: Coffee Scrub For A Glowing Skin

    1. Yass… same here, I feel this scrub alone takes care of my skin needs, like you said a polished look, super soft and clean all at the same time. And thanks for that little tip with the shower gel, I’ve never tired it.

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