Cooking Diary: Breakfast Delight 

Hello, beauties… I’ve decided to change things up a bit for this post by introducing an all-new cooking series for my blog to share some of my creations, favorite meals, and of course new recipes I’m inspired to try out. Hope you enjoy these type of posts just as much by showing your love and support. So without any further wait here it is… my first one ever and also my very favorite when it comes to breakfast. When I say it’s super easy, trust me, IT IS. Anyone can make this, I mean ANYONE! ready? 

Here’s What You’ll Need

Bread Slice




Bowl & Spoon

Shape Cutter

Frying Pan

Here’s What To Do

Beat the egg well in a bowl, add sugar (1 to 2 spoons) add milk (1 spoonful) mix together. Warm up the pan, place the bread slice on the pan, after a few seconds add the egg mixture over the slice and let it cook until it turns golden, use the cutter to create a fun shape of your choice ( I used the heart one) once you have your shape just cut the rest into small triangular pieces.

Present It 

Place the bigger piece in the center of the plate and stack up to the smaller ones on the side, go ahead and add your favorite fruits to top it off. And now grab your self a cup of coffee, tea whatever gets you going and ENJOY!!!

French Toast Love

Stay Confident

Stay Beautiful

Lots A Love


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