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My Morning Skincare Routine


As mentioned in my previous post, here is current daily skincare routine, while I do change a few things here and there, these are the basics. Though it’s quite straightforward and simple it makes all the difference for me which is why I wanted to the share some of those products with you guys so I really hope you find it helpful, Don’t forget to follow & share, also do comment some of your favs.  

I must start by saying that SKINCARE ROUTINES ARE EVERYTHING! It not only has an effect on how we look today but also how we look in the future. We all fear that process of aging and our heart sinks when we see a line or two forming on our faces. Although, we can’t put a stop to aging, however, we CAN slow the process to say at least prevent premature aging, and that is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall and most of all adopting a good skincare routine for life. For some reason, when it comes to skincare we get a bit overwhelmed by what to do and what not to do but don’t worry in this post I’ve tried to narrow it down to the basics.  Does order matter? I suggest you start with the lightest product such as toner and take it from there. 

Let’s Get Right Into It … 

Wash/Cleanse, I start my day off with the Clean And Clear MORNING BURST® Hydrating Facial Cleanser, it is a oil-free formula which is perfect for me since my face tends to get a bit oily throughout day, it is very gentle on the skin and does not clog pores in fact, it leaves my skin super soft to the touch, the one I’m using right now contains cucumber and green mango extracts. It actually does what it says, “it wakes me up” and the best part it is inexpensive.

Toner, I pat dry my face and for toner I use one of the three things, 1) Clinique’s® Clarifying Lotion; it’s NOT too expensive, this gets rid of any dull flakes and extra oil so your moisturizer works better on your skin and also helps fine lines disappear (works great when combined with the 3-step clinique skincare. I honestly love it both ways!  2) Rosewater; rosewater is great to use as toner for it has many benefits, it’s like an all-in-one thing, it controls excess oil, it contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce any redness, also great for acne prone skin, keeps those fine lines and wrinkles away. My favorite thing about it again is that it leaves my skin moisturized and refreshed  3) Cucumber Juice ; the best thing about this toner is that it is 100% natural, it’s hydrating water content relieves thirst and reduces puffiness, we use it on our eyes so why not the whole face, it is packed with vitamin c and caffeic acid to help irritations, what more can I say it leaves my skin refreshed.


Eye Cream, let’s not forget the eye cream since the under-eye area is most delicate and faces more problems like dark circles and puffiness, I try to keep it moisturized and I use the Clinique®, All About Eyes cream to reduce the look of dark circles, puffs and to hold the makeup in place. (0.5oz  for $32 )


Moisturizer,  Apply a good moisturizer all over my face and neck as well, during the summer I tend to stick with this one from OLAY® COMPLETE ALL DAY MOISTURIZER WITH SUNSCREEN BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 15 (in normal) I love Olay for its quality skincare products at an affordable price compared other expensive brands. I also like the fact that this is a lightweight moisturizer + SPF for the summer to keep safe even if I forget extra sunscreen.


Lips, tend to get so dry all the time so I keep them well moisturized with some good old vaseline, (pocket size).


And that’s all you guys, sorry if this got too wordy, I tried to provide as much info as possible rather than listing products.

Thanks For Reading!

Until Next Time,

Stay Confident

Stay Beautiful

Lots A Love


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