A Flawless Foundation Application Everytime

woman  applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation  on the face

       Many times I would try putting on some makeup to brighten up my dull skin or disguise those acne scars or all those times that I had watched to many makeup tutorials on youtube ( why are they so pleasing) that made me want to glam it up. But to be honest I would be quite disappointed because anything I would apply e.g BB creams, foundation would leave my skin looking uneven and ugly that I would wash it all away and go about my day without applying anything. It does get frustrating, when I would pick up a new product thinking this will definitely give me flawless skin, I would look at youtubers apply their makeup again and again… it finally came to me and I realized what I was missing.’ It’s not what and how you apply the product but rather what you do before your makeup that makes all the difference,’the key to a flawless base IS your SKINCARE ROUTINE. Yes, if you compromise any part of your daily skin care you will struggle with makeup as well. To ensure a flawless base remember two words”exfoliate and moisturize”, it made all the difference when I stopped neglecting my skincare routine,Use A Good Moisturizer Daily,Morning And Evening, Apply Your Moisturizer Five-Minutes Before Applying Makeup, and Don’t Forget To Exfoliate, To Get Rid Of Any Dead Skin-cells For  Smooth And Fresh Looking Skin. Follow my blog and
stay tuned for my full SKINCARE ROUTINE coming up!!!

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